Navigraph Simlink sign-in

I followed instructions to re-install simlink and added the .exe to windows firewall. I still see the dialog below. Attached are the logs. Not sure on how to proceed.

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I too am having this problem over the last two days. Today it wont even load the signin page. no tracking, no moving maps. Let me know what you need.

Edit: It decided to work a few minutes after i posted this. But has been a little off over the past few days.



I’ve been seeing the same. Did a 2 hr flight tonight from KPHX to KMCI and had a heck of a time with Simlink dropping my authentication repeatedly. I could get signed back in, but a few minutes later I’d get signed out. This was making watching my charts in the in-game panel pretty challenging.

Hi Team,

These reported outages are all from the US. I am wondering if there is a common ISP issue. Please advise your ISP and State.


Dirtbike - ISP: Spectrum, State: CA


The common pattern we’ve found is that everyone affected are on Comcast, or ISPs that rely on Comcast in some way. It is not an issue with Navigraph infrastructure per se. Please contact your ISP’s support to report issues with connectivity against Amazon AWS which is our cloud provider.



Im talking from Brazil and two days ago i had that same issues.
From that day i still cant connect the Simlink with MSFS20.
I have installed several times and the problem persist, even included the program as exception in Norton 360.



Using image, please upload latest


Hi, Ian!
Tks for your help!
Log as below:


From the log file, it looks like there must be some configuration issue with Simlink.

Please follow the below steps to fix the issue,

In case of wrong proxy settings applied to Simlink.

  1. Close running Simlink and flight Simulators
  2. Open the Simlink configuration file .settings
    i. Press the Win+R key. (It will open a window like,

ii. Now type %appdata% and press the “OK” button.
iii. After opening the APPDATA folder, go to the <APPDATA>/Navigraph/charts folder. and open the .settings file into the notepad application

  1. Remove the [proxy] session from the .settings file and save it.
  2. Run the Simlink application and try to log in again.
  3. Done.

From the above points if the Simlink is not able to log in then there must be a configuration file corrupted. To fix this you need to reset the Simlink configuration by the below points,

  1. Close running Simlink and flight Simulators
  2. Open the Simlink configuration folder Navigraph from the APPDATA folder.
  3. Back up the Navigraph folder and delete it.
  4. Now start the Simlink application. It will create a new configuration folder Navigraph with default settings.
  5. Try to login into the Simlink application.
  6. Done :slight_smile:

Please let us know about the issue is fixed or not from the above points.


Ahir Vishal D.

Hi Ahir,

Neither of these fixes, or syncing the time worked. Any other ideas?



Hi aocbgoulart and John (Dirtbike),

Can you please advise if this issue is resolved.


Hi Ian,

The issue was resolved.



Nope, not working. Please wait for authentication…

hello, and tried to perform the troubleshooting as you describe it but the problem continues. still won’t log in

Nope, not working. Please wait for authentication…

I follow these steps,but I can’t sign-in