Simlink not connecting (?)

Hate to add to this category…but, boy, I’m just not able to connect FSX Steam (PMDG) to moving maps. Multiple attempts, including following Ian’s suggested deletions of AppData files and re-download—Windows Defender is off as is my Total AV. Just can’t figure this out. All was working a few months ago, as I’ve not been at my PC for awhile. No new programs added. Thanks for help.

Doug Pelton

Hi Doug,


Please check you have no proxy settings in .settings files as per Navigraph Simlink sign-in - #10 by vishalahir.

As a test, please disable any Antivirus, Firewall and VPN.

Please confirm your computer’s time is correctly set.


Ian!!! Voila. Ye ol’ time stamp not updated. All else ok----no proxy. Whew. Such simple solution. Even works on the client PC setup. Many, many thanks. Doug Pelton

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