Can't connect to x-plane 12

Since installing X-Plane 12 Navagraph moving maps is not working. The error message is: ** Could not connect to Simulator. Simlink needs to be running.** And the status page says : ** cannot detect a flight simulator in your simulator and not broadcasting flight data to server. No flight data found on server. ** The Simlink plugin is installed and running and X-plane 12 is installed too. How can i connect simlink again.
Thanks in advanced
A. de Waart


Please check the below points to fix the issue,

  1. Make sure you have installed the latest version of Simlink on your system. Or reinstall Simlink.
  2. Reinstall Simlink plugins to X-Plane 12 by using Navigraph Simlink Plugin Settings

    Note: Before reinstalling Simlink Plugin, please close all running Flight Simulators.
  3. To check Simlink Plugins installed correctly, close Running Simlink and Flight Simulator XPlane12 and start XPlane 12. Simlink will automatically start with XPlane 12.
  4. If you still have the issue then please check this.

Please let us know for the issue is fixed or not.


Vishal Ahir

Thanks Vishal, for the help but i think that something else was buggin simlink. I installed auto-ortho earlier and after deleting this scenery the simlink plugin works again after installation.

It’s a puzzle to find out witch plugins don’t bother eachother.


Arno de Waart

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