Simlink data not tracked on Navigraph

When I first installed this, it asked if I wanted to start it and I said yes. A Simlink console appeared and when I ran Navigraph, it would track the location of my aircraft. However, on reboot, I never saw the Simlink console again nor would Navigraph track my aircraft. Task Manager showed that simlink did indeed start.

I’m running Window’s 11 Home if that helps.

I uninstalled Simlink and reinstalled it from the latest from your web site. Again, the behavior is as before.

I tried removing the command from startup and started it manually. This had no effect either.

I’m running MSFS.


Please try Navigraph Simlink sign-in - #10 by vishalahir.

With MSFS running, please post a screenshot showing Simlink status (accessible from Simlink icon in Systray) using Guide to posting Screenshots

Please post latest log from c:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Navigraph\Simlink\logs\