Simlink disconnecting

Over the past few weeks simlink keeps disconnecting. Ive follow the instructions to remove and redownload and reinstall with no difference. I thought it was an internet issue at first, but the engineer arrived today and my Internet is working great. As I write this my internet is working fine on vatsim, etc, but simlink wont connect or reconnect.

Pls can you assist


Hello! Welcome back to our forum!

Please provide us with the logs from your Simlink application by following these steps:

  1. Open Simlink
  2. Select the Logs tab
  3. Press the Open log folder button in the bottom right
  4. In the window that opens, find the latest modified file and upload it to your next post here!

Hi Im in the middle of a flight and the simlink dropped out. After about 40mins it allowed me to sign in again . is the latest version?? when the flight finishes ill attach my log file.

simlink_2024-02-01.dlog (4.5 KB)

That log includes numerous instances of requests failing to reach our servers. I can assure you that they are up and running and reachable (Amazon is responsible for this), so the issue is somewhere between you and your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Please note that your internet connection could be absolutely fine, but your ISP could still be having a hard time routing the requests through their network to Amazon - this happens now and then and only the ISP can fix it.

Unfortunately, it is tough to narrow this down further. Please start by making completely sure that your computer time is correctly set. You can verify this by opening - it should immediately tell you how far behind your clock is running.

If the clock is fine, then you’ll have to keep digging. Our logs just show that your computer is having trouble reaching our servers, so here are a few more steps that could be useful:

These are my firewall settings for incoming. Are they correct, ive not toch them at all, this is what W10 firewall has set

Ive also changed the dns settings to what you advised and added navigraph to the firewall exceptions.

The firewall rules look good to me! Did you also verify the time?

yes time was spot on

Could you try with a different internet connection? Such as your phone for example? Preferably something with a different ISP if possible.

I cant do it from my phone and ive no access to a different ISP. Sorry. Ichanged the dns settings to erc, but on a floght today, the EFB on the Fenix A320 navigraph tab dropped out acfew times but when I rebooted the EFB, it came back.

Does the EFB have other online features, and were they working while the Navigraph tab did not? Your computer is having trouble reaching our servers - we did not develop that EFB so it is clear that the issue is not with any of our apps.

I’m trying to figure out if you are only having issues with Navigraph servers and no others, but that’s a bit hard to verify, unfortunately :sweat_smile:

Do you use any antivirus?

Only windows defender.

That should not be an issue.

The next time you see this issue, please follow these steps:

  1. Press ⊞ Win + R
  2. Type cmd.exe /K nslookup
  3. Press enter

This should open up a command prompt, and it should show some information about how your computer would connect to our servers, if it is able to find a route.

Also, please try to open the Navigraph Charts application. If it works, try signin out and then in again. Does it still work?

We have seen this exact issue before, and so far we have never been able to trace it back to our products unfortunately… Here is a recent instance:

I logged out of Navigraph charts and re logged in , without issue.

Great, thanks for checking! And did you try this?

When I did, it stated didnt recognise K. Someting like bad command.


Have you completed the Simlink configuration cleanup mentioned in this link: Navigraph Simlink sign-in - #10 by vishalahir?

Best regards,

Vishal Ahir

Hi Vishal, yes I have. no change unfortunately.