Simlink unable to reach Navigraph server

Hi i’m having trouble all of a sudden with my subscription. Simlink is not working, it says unable to reach Navigraph server. I tried reinstalling with the latest from the Navigraph downloads area, didn’t resolve problem. I’ve also noticed that the charts client is really slow to authenticate on various platforms: mac / windows 11 etc. Below is a snippet from a recent log.

[2022-11-03 00:00:13] [] [ERROR] REST ERROR(post):



ERROR:Unable to connect to the server: Connection timed out

[2022-11-03 00:00:13] [] [ERROR] BroadcastController::RESTError[0]
[2022-11-03 00:00:23] [] [DEBUG] (MSFS) Simlink Plugin Simulator Status:0
[2022-11-03 00:00:23] [] [DEBUG] MSFS2020 Sim Data recived: ObjectID=1 title=“PMDG 737-700 Air Canada (C-GEBA | 2022 | Fictional)”
Lat=40.773 Lon=-73.8655 Alt=258.962 Heading=132.533 Heading_mag=145.287 Pitch=1.16291 Bank=0.35525
[2022-11-03 00:00:24] [] [DEBUG] (MSFS) Simlink Plugin Simulator Status:0

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Thank you for more details on an issue that you are facing right now.
From the issue details, it looks like some configuration issue.
To fix this, please check this solution.

Please let us know about the issue is fixed or not.


Vishal Ahir