Not connecting to simlink

When I check to see if SimLink is running (looking in the system tray - has red dot) and click on it up comes the Navigraph Simlink window. It asks me to sign in as the session has expired. When I click on Sign in it says waiting for user authorization… and that’s where it stays. Can’t get moving maps - is that why? Using deskop maps. Windows PC and MSFS2021.
Also the map that appears when clicking on the MSFS toolbar, is from previous flight - showing that flight path even though the navigraph prompt said it saw a flight plan loaded in MSFS and I clicked on it to load. Didn’t happen.
I’ve looked at instructions to solve the problem - deleted files and deleted navigraph and reinstalled all but still have the problem.



Yes Moving Maps needs Simlink login to complete.
As a test, please try setting Chrome as your default browser, restart machine and run Simlink again.

Re Navigraph Charts In-Game Panel, when prompted the flight plan loaded in MSFS World Map should load. Maybe Charts login needs to complete. Please try running Charts Cloud or Charts Desktop and logging in. If still an issue, in Navigraph Charts In-Game Panel top right Account Settings, sign out, then in.


Thanks for your quick response.
Chrome is my default browser. Just in case, I restarted machine.
The in Navigraph Charts in-game panel seems to work fine, now. After reloading charts the flight plan corresponds to the one in the MSFS plan that I initiated. The moving maps continues to be an issue. When I click on the “Use Moving Map” button it says “Could not connect to simulator. Make sure Simlink is running on your simulator computer.” When I go to the system tray the Simlink icon has the red dot on it telling me it’s not running. When I click on the icon it opens the small Navigraph Simlink window and it says “your session has expired, please sign in again.” So when I click on Sign in,“Please wait for authorization…” appears and that continues and nothing further happens. The “wheel” continues to rotate. I get no authorization.

As a test, please disable any antivirus or firewall.

In the Sign in screen, click on the cog wheel, and ensure you don’t have ticked Use proxy server.
(assuming you don’t have a proxy server?)

Make sure Chrome is closed. When you try to Sign in and get the rotating authentication icon, does Chrome start, maybe in a window behind the Sign in window?


Proxy server not ticked.
When starting MSFS with Chrome in background, old route showed when clicking “new route found” - then I closed chrome and the “just planned route” appeared just fine. Only thing is, now the simlink icon in the system tray has disappeared while Simulator Base Packages icon is there and the Navigraph icon is there. Could there be an issue with my Ultimate plan, which I upgraded to about 4 weeks ago? Any lingering files on my desktop I should look for? I still have no moving map.

Reinstalled Charts and Simlink icon now in Systray (with red dot). I right clicked on it and the sign-on screen appeared and. Authenticating “wheel” continues to spin. Use proxy server not checked, proxy port 1 is indicated, proxy server requires authentication is not checked. ALso, on Navigation Charts screen above the sign on it says "Your session has expired - Please sign in again.

Hi Bob,

From your issue posted details, It looks like some configuration issue of the Simlink.

I think resetting of Simlink configuration will fix your issue.
To reset the Simlink configuration please follow these steps.

Please let us know if the issue is fixed or not.


Ahir Vishal D.

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I’ve done first step - didn’t fix, continued to second step, didn’t fix. When I click on Navigraph+Simlink.exe it says Simlink is already running - when I look at the systray Simlink icon and right click it, it says to sign in - I click that and the Navigraph Simlink window opens and says your session has expireded, please sigh in again and when I clidk on Sign in, the “Please wait for authorizatioin…” wheel spins and does not stop. I’m usually pretty good at understanding this stuff but this one has me baffled - at one point it tells me Simlink is running and in the Systray it says it’s timed out. There must be some file that’s sending me in a loop. Any more ideas would be more than welcome.

Hi Bob,

Can you confirm this is now resolved.


Yes, the problem has been resolved. Thanks to you and your team all is working as expected.

Hi Bob,

You are welcome. I have passed on your thanks.

Happy flying.


Hi there,
Since Update 8, my position of aircraft is no longer showing on any chart. PC or in-game charts or cockpit screen same on the Cloud charts. Simlink is working and I’m signed in. Never had this issue in the previous version…

I have tried your suggestions multiple times, I have just uninstalled and reinstalled not only simlink but the other Navigraph components. Simlink still hangs, “waiting for authentication.” It’s been going on for months.

Is it possible that this has to do with change in my username from Mike777 to my e-mail address?

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