Navigraph Navdata Center released


Thank you for your Beta feedback. We have moved from Beta to release product.

Navigraph Navdata Center is a service to update the FS2020 default navdata.

The primary reason why such a service exists is because users have reported that many airports, procedures, and navaids, are missing or erroneously coded in the FS2020 default navdata.

The secondary reason is that users have reported a preference to Jeppesen data because it corresponds better with the information on Jeppesen charts provided via Navigraph Charts.

Furthermore, referring back to the topic of “Unified Data” - as mentioned by Navigraph CEO Magnus Axholt in this YouTube video: Navigraph is the largest provider of navigational data in the flight simulation community and therefore it is more likely that the data in the simulator will correspond with other services in and around the flight simulation eco system if it is updated with the FS2020 Navdata Update Service from Navigraph.

How to Install

  • First, quit your simulator before installing!
  • Click on the following link to download and install Navdata Center for Windows.
    This will update some files in your FS2020. (Don’t worry - the client software also has a remove function so your simulator can be put back to its original state after testing it if you like.) Log in using your Navigraph account. You need an active Navigraph Ultimate or FMS Data subscription for it to work.
  • Launch your simulator and go fly.

What to Expect

The simulator is still in a fluid state and things might break after a sim update. We shall try to fix such issues as soon as we can. If you encounter any issues, or want to provide user feedback, please post in our Forum.

Secondly, when the Navigraph Navdata Center has updated FS2020, you can expect changes to the navigational data:

  • Missing airports have been added (e.g. EDDS and ZBAD)
  • Missing procedures have been added (e.g. ILS 16 at LIRF)
  • Missing navaids have been added
  • Additional VFR waypoints have been added

More specifically:

  • 7.760 VHF Navaids have been updated
  • 3.327 NDB Navaids have been updated
  • 70.944 Enroute Waypoints have been updated
  • 1.303 Markers have been updated
  • 13.166 Airports have been updated (including COM frequencies, runways, ILS, terminal waypoints, terminal NDBs, and terminal procedures)

What Not to Expect

This navdata update service from Navigraph only updates the navigational data. To some extent the simulator will attempt to redraw the visual scenery, but this update will not affect buildings, aprons, taxiways, landmarks, geography or anything visual that, for example, a scenery developer would work with.

Known Current Limitations

In addition, we currently exclude the following items (meaning we leave the default data untouched), but expect to add when possible:

  • airways and ATC boundaries
  • all MilTacans
  • all Com frequencies < 118 MHz

Supporting Scenery Developers

We have the possibility to add historic data too, like VHHX, but will wait to do so until scenery developers have moved some buildings out of the way. Our intention is to work closely with all scenery developers to provide a solid foundation for every visual built on top of our navdata.

Reporting Feedback

Please report any findings in our Forum. If you like the service, we appreciate it if you spread the word. How about posting a screenshot on social media using hashtags #microsoftflightsimulator and #navigraph?


how can I update it?

2012 rev.1 is current as it’s was reverted back from 2013 due to an issue:

hi, I am not able to install. I get this error:

Error unzipping archive error. Can not open output file: Impossible to find the spefied path: C:\Program Files\Flight Simulator\Community\navigraph-navdata\scenery\cycle_info.txt

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How are the simulator´s built-in landing challenges and bush trips affected if relevant airports or navaids are changed?

Hi there,

I’m brand new to all this so forgive me if this is a basic query. With FS2020 I have downloaded, installed, and updated my navdata as per the instructions above, but then I don’t understand the role of the regular FMS Data Manager software? Do I need both? It seems not - that the data manager should be used with all simulators apart from FS2020, in which case this beta tool should be used - but this is not made at all clear in this post or any other documentation I can find on the site…

If you could clarify this, that would be great … :ok_hand:

Many thanks,

Mike (UK)

Hi Mike,
first of all, welcome here in the forum and welcome also in the world of Navigraph :wink:

You´re absolutely right … the FMS Data Manager has nothing todo with the MSFS beta client. It´s exactly what you assume, the FMS Data Manager is used for all sim´s and addons below the MSFS 2020. The new “Navigraph Navdata client” will be the “follower” of the FMS Data Manager, and we have started it to learn about the “how to use” (on customer side) with the MSFS update.

Therefore, if you want only update the MSFS 2020 sim, you only need the “Navigraph Navdata client” at the moment, but we have several project running in parallel, so it could be possible, that this new style of client will be used in the future for all sims/all addons :upside_down_face:

Hope that helps - let us know, if you have any further questions


Many thanks Richard - that is indeed most helpful.

It might be a good idea to make this clearer on the main Navigraph site itself - or to edit the blog post above to say that if only using FS2020 then you only need this tool… :slight_smile:

Thanks again.

Mike :slight_smile:

Hi Mike,

This is also at FAQ - Navigraph MSFS Navdata Update Beta Installer :wink:


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