Updating MSFS 2020 Beta package error

When following the instructions provided in the email:

How to update:

Quit the simulator if running
Open the navdata update tool (Start menu > Navigraph, or launch app with Navigraph logo in tray)
If you have an earlier dataset installed, press Remove
Press Install

When I press install, I get the following window pop-up:

Installation failed
Cannot read property ‘files’ of undefined

Hi - You might have been very unlucky to press the button the second we switched to the 2013 cycle. Please try it again now.

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Just saw this post in the FAQs, will try this now …

please update your client … you´re running beta 11 and currently we have beta 16 :slight_smile: … Thats the issue in this case!

Navigraph MSFS Client Update


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Yep. That did it. Thanks Richard


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