When installing new airac cycle (2013 rev 1) from beta installer MSFS crashes

Also confirming this. Departure and arrival airport as aircraft doesn’t matter. As soon as you choose IFR high or low, you crash to the desktop.
Was working fine with 2012.

EDIT: Seems like Asobo did a 1.11.6 update today involving aírac changes

I can confirm that after the update today CTD´s when running MSFS with Navigraph Data 2013 rev 1. Just removed the 2013 rev1 AND the additional Navigraph Folder in the Community one and got NO CTD

When does it CTD for you guys? I had a CTD just as I was about to pushback from stand after about 30 mins ingame time setting up the Airbus…

I hadn’t loaded a flightplan or anything but was using Navigraph data for the MCDU

CTDs are independent of aircraft in my testing, crashes when selecting a SID in the FMS

Has this been reverted until fixed, as I just tried to install the new cycle from the beta.015 and got 2012 rev 1, not 2013?

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Yes, we just reverted while we check to see what’s causing this. Thanks for your patience.


Preliminary investigation seem to indicate that this is not related to the recently released MSFS version

More info to follow…


Thanks for the rollback.

Hope you can get it fixed without too much troubles …


In the small text MSFS is giving together with the update, it refers to the FMS Data of Navigraph:

A small update is available today - This corresponds to the AIRAC cycle being updated with new navdata (Cycle 13)

More information here: https://navigraph.com/products/fmsdata

So did Navigraph now deliver the airac data directly to MSFS?

No we don’t deliver data directly to MSFS, so not sure what he means unless it is just a loose reference to our AIRAC cycle release table on that link.

In addition, it doesn’t seem like the MSFS default navdata was updated with the most recent patch today.

No, we are still delivering navdata to FS2020 separately via our Microsoft Flight Simulator Navdata Update Service which you can find here: Navigraph Navdata Beta

Thanks, I thought so… I think they just refer indeed to the table on your site with release data of the cycles. But good that they give a little but extra attention to Navigraph :wink:


Interesting, could you elaborate more? Asobo devs specifically state that it is the navdata update, and people on the official forums checked the diffs and deduced that there was a navdata update even before the official announcements.

Thanks for your work on getting the CTD problem fixed, btw!

The date/time stamps on the BGL files in fs-base and fs-base-nav all changed after applying the 1GB patch that was downloaded on launch of MSFS today. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the data in the files are new of course.

I am still seeing 8-year-old obsolete approach data for ILS 06 at my home airport KELM using NavBlue default nav data. It has been that way since MSFS launch in August despite several updates of the core nav data since then. The other 5 existing approaches at the airport don’t even show at all in MSFS default, which has also been the case since launch.

Navigraph is 100 accurate for the same airport. All approaches are present, and all are current.


I haven’t made any extensive tests, but when planning a flight out of LZTT this morning I noticed that the world map still showed e.g. MARK4C and EPED4B departures which have been replaced by MARK5C and EPED5B respectively in 2013. Again, no extensive testing and could be a local data issue on my system, but it was my initial reflection.


Yeah, either Navblue or Asobo aren’t interpreting the data correctly, it seems.

Should we uninstall for the time being not to cause conflicts with Asobo’s update they pushed today?

Should we stick to 2012 accross the board for now for MSF2020?

Probably depends on what you mean by “across the board”. AFAIK, using Navigraph Charts it doesn’t let you select a cycle. If you mean things like Simbrief, then probably a good idea to wait, yeah.

Gotcha yes it’s what I meant thank you!

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I reverted simbrief to 2012 to match my ingame AIRAC.

navigraph charts is 2013 but I’m only using it to double check.

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