No navaids/fixes with AIRAC 2013 rev 2

After the installation of the AIRAC Cycle 2013 - revision 2 I lost all waypoints NDBs VORs only the airports have remained on the map in FS2020. After the deinstallation of AIRAC Cycle 2013 - revision 2, nothing has changed. How can I restore the original data?

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Hi …
and the filter on the worldmap are set to ON for navaids and fixes? Can you confirm this?

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yes i had the filter on. I reinstalled the simulator and now I have the navblue data again. I will keep an eye on Navigraph as it has done me a good job for several years in FS9 and also at P3D where I also use it. But in the beta that is too dangerous for me now.

Hi Kai,
thanks for your kind words. When you are using our client you can install and remove the data. We don’t only delete the folders, we clear the content.xml file (scenery file) also. So you can easely turn on or off the beta.

We never DON’T delete the default data in the sim, so when you remove our packages via the client you can be 100% sure, that the original stock data are fully back.


PS: I have tested your report, but I see all navaids and fixes when the filter is ON

Experiencing the same issue. Can’t see Navaids on map and unable to load any navaids or procedures from FMS or Garmin. Tried reloading navigraph and restarting MSFS several times to no avail. Any different steps I can try to resolve.

please check, if you have the latest client-app installed - it should be beta 16. This is very important and required for this revision on.

You see the version here

When you have an older version, please do following:

  • close your simulator
  • remove the current install AIRAC via the client app
  • uninstall your client (via “Add or remove programs” from Windows)
  • download the newest client from here
  • install the new client
  • run the new client and press “Install” to install the new AIRAC

Please let us know, if this helps - I guess, you´re using an old client version
Thank you,

Thanks for the quick response. I’m using 1.0.0-beta.16

Ok, thanks for the confirmation … please can try following again:

  1. close the sim
  2. open the client
  3. press “remove”
  4. press “install”
  5. start the sim and try it again

When this doesn´t fix it … please can you upload the content.xml file here?

  • Which sim-version do you have (Marketplace or Steam?)
  • Do you have installed any mods/3rd Party addons? When yes, which one?

Thanks for your help

The content.xml file is located:

when the sim is installed via MarketPlace:

when the sim is installed via Steam:
C:\Users<your user>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator


Issue seems to be resolved for now. Removed navigraph and all mods, then started sim. Shut down sim, installed navigraph update, and restarted sim. Navaids now showing on map. Shutdown sim, reinstalled all mods, and then restarted sim. Navaids still present and able to select procedures in Garmin. Not sure if there was a conflict but starting with no mods and then reinstalling seemed to work. Appreciate the support and love having real nav data in the sim.

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Thanks for the positive feedback. Such issues are due the wrong place and order of our packages in the content.xml file.

Therefore it is needed to remove our data ALWAYS via our client because the client remove the entries the content.xml file too, to have a clean file after the uninstalling our data.

The order must be “maintenance” package BEFORE!! the “navdata” package and both are directly after/below the “fs-base-nav” package.

The Navigraph Navdata client beta 16 does this in this way.
Hope that helps for further questions. Check your content.xml file thats the key, when something is wrong.

Thanks again and let us know, when ever you have any question.

I had this exact same problem, removing the navdata then updating the installer fixed my issue :slight_smile:

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