Navigraph Navdata Center


Are there any plans for adding option to update Pilot2ATC, SimToolkit Pro, PFPX? It would be awesome for those who fly only with MSFS to have just one app to update all of our programs.


Hi Piotr,
yes, the “Navigraph Navdata Center” will be the new “FMS Data Manager” and we plan to implement all addons into this new “center”. As you wrote, to update all sims, all addons from one central platform - therefore “Navigraph Navdata Center” :slight_smile:

But please be patience, we are at the beginning of this process and also the app is still in beta. We need more experience with it that we can start with a stable basis. In the meanwhile, please still use the FMS Data Manager - we will try to transfer the addons step by step :wink:

Thank you very much,

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