Updating MSFS with Navigraph

What if anything should be done with Navigraph when there is another MSFS update??


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Best to do the following:

  • open the Navigraph Beta Installer and remove the AIRAC cycle
  • close the Navigraph Beta Installer and uninstall it via the windows feature
  • open MSFS and install MSFS update
  • Close MSFS
  • download and install latest Navigraph Navdata Update Beta
  • install the new Navigraph Beta Installer
  • open the Navigraph Beta Installer and install the latest AIRAC
  • start the sim


Thanks for your suggestion. Do you know if the latest Navigraph Beta Update will be compatible at the time of a MSFS Update or will compatibility be delayed? I have become a bit gun shy of addon compatibility subsequent to MSFS Updates.


It is impossible for us to say what will be in the next MSFS update. But the steps above give the greatest chance of compatibility.


Understood thanks Ian.

Are the above procedures required for any MSFS update or just for their updates that install new navdata?

Given the variables and unknowns in MSFS, I use those procedures for any MSFS update, and for any Navdata Beta update. It only takes a few minutes and I know I am starting with a clean slate :wink:


I followed that procedure for the MSFS December 8th update to and all went well with the installation. I noticed in the flightsimulator forum that others may have had some Navigraph issues with that update, and I passed on your advice. I did encounter other addon compatibility issues, and I have not had time to re-install Navigraph to see if it still works with this update.

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