Navigraph FMS data manager and FS2020

I cannot find FS2020 when trying to update my charts with FMS Data Manager. Is it not to working with FS2020 or is there another way to update charts, if using FS2020.


the are not, there! is bad but i hope the come one day :slight_smile:

for the MSFS2020 AIRAC updates you need a own client-app. The reason is, that the FMS Data Manager is a Win32-Application and not more “state of the art” - therefore we have decided to make a new one, a own App which is modern and easy to use.

Currently, this first try with the Navigraph Navdata client is a good start, with a limited functionality but we will continue the development of this app.

You can download the new app here - please read this FAQ carefully:

Whenever you have a question, don´t hesitate to contact us again …

Thank you & welcome at Navigraph


So at the moment you cannot upgrade charts in FS2020. Is this correct.



Hi Jan,
what do you mean with “upgrade charts in FS2020”? Where are the charts in FS2020, what you want to upgrade?

Our charts have nothing todo with a sim-version (FSX, P3D, MSFS). There are working indepebdently from the sim in the chart app.

I thought you mean the navdata, which can be updated via the client-app (description and downliad link in the FAQ which I have forwarded you)