Issue with Beta

Ian, hi. I aparently installed, but some airports that you had mentioned in FS to be checked, still do not appear, what can I do I have already installed v 19. Thanks.


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Best to do the following:

  • open the Navigraph Beta Installer and remove the AIRAC cycle
  • close the Navigraph Beta Installer and uninstall it via the windows feature
  • open MSFS and install MSFS update
  • Close MSFS
  • download and install latest Navigraph Navdata Update Beta
  • install the new Navigraph Beta Installer
  • open the Navigraph Beta Installer and install the latest AIRAC
  • start the sim


Hi - I’m having issues with the latest MSFS Beta. I’m using Avialsoft’s EFB 2.0 and all was working well before. I’ve installed (as per instructions) beta-19 with cycle 2013 rev 4. Now, none of the localiser info is available within the eFB. Uninstalling Navigraph Beta - all is ok. Within MSFS, localiser info is available, but has screwed up my planning.

Is there away to download the previous installer prior to the latest cycle update as that worked fine?

Navigraph Beta Installer

No sorry John, the idea behind the revisions is, that with every revision we fix, add or improve some things (ie. the G1000 issue, or similar else). It makes no sense to go back to a older revision because they are contains none fixed issues.


Hi Richard,
I have seen that you changed the folder structure below “navigraph-navdata\scenery”. Will this change now be permanent, or is it just temporary?


Hi Urs,
no thats the final version - as soon ASOBO recommanded anything else. Every update is a adventure for us because nearly in every update we found some changes which we must made, sorry but thats the result of a released beta sim.

Cheers & Merry Christmas

PS: when you parse the layout.json file, you have evry time the correct files with the structure - or not? :thinking:

Hi Richard,
thanks for your reply and also thanks for the hint with the layout.json file. I will give it a try.

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