Airport database in MSFS2020

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I have an annual subscription with FMS! Does Navigraph update the Airport database in MSFS2020 so that a lot of the missing ILS approaches now appear? And does it do this on the MSFS2020 inbuilt flight planner so I can automatically get the new data?

However, I will need to install a guy called Navigraph Navdata Center in order to update the FS2020 default navdata. BUT I don’t know if I should really do it, because I have noticed that lots of people say that your software is just too “BUGGY”, so that I will only spend my time reporting all kind of BUGS to you. Is it true???

Best Regards from LSZH (Switzerland)


Grüzzi Paul,
please can you forward us a few links/statements/postings in forum or where these people say that the software is buggy … because when you look here a round a little bit (also in the major forums like MSFS, Avsim, simflight, …) you will see that neither the Navigraph Navdata Center is buggy, nor the data.

Most of the questions here are due limitations in the sim (ie. you shouldn´t use the in-game flightplanner because this is a very, very limited/basic flightplanner which has nothing todo with the reality - I would recommend SimBrief). All our products are out of beta since a few weeks after a long period of public beta testing.

Again, I´m surely the wrong person because I´m not objective, I can recommend to install the data without any bad feeling. But possible someone (none Navigraph developer ;-)) else from the community here can confirm this (or can confirm the bugs).

With our service for the MSFS you have one unique, worldwide global database from one provider - Jeppesen. Also, you have the corresponding charts also from Jeppesen - so you can be sure, that all waypoints, all terminal procedure idents, all transition-idents are identically and you can use it 1:1 without comparing the differences between a mix of different datasets.

Anyway, you should test it by your own. You can install and remove the datasets without loosing any default stock data. It´s only one button click in the Navigraph Navdata Center. When you mean it´s buggy, remove it immediately and you have exactly the default data configuration from MSFS.

Hope that helps,
servus aus Wien,

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@ Richard

Thank you for getting back to me. It is highly appreciated!

Sir… be aware that I am running at the same time three types pf Simulators like so: FSX-SE, P3DV5 and MSFS Premum Deluxe current version Please visit my Profile / About page, just expand it and check out my SPECS:


As I sad previously, I have an annual subscription with FMS ( Navgraph Airac Data) and of course I have the FMS Data Manager for Windows installed on my machine. BTW, I get all Jeppesen Charts from another source. You should just don`t worry about that…

And of course I do use as a registered user SIMBRIEF since many years now with LATEST Airac data. I use the FMS Data Manager to update Addons like the PMDG 737 /747, Airsoft Airbus A-320-321 and all that gut stuff for the other simulators including Prepar3D and FSX-SE. This client does NOT supports MSFS20 as far I know. At this point I should install the Navdata Center for the MSFS2020 which I own too. This guy is currently used to update the core database of the new Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020), and all Addon aircraft for this Simulator. It can also install tools like the Charts In-Game Panel. So in my case I install the Navdata Center for the MSFS because the FMS Data Manager is already installed and working fine so far. I just need to get the Navdata Center correctly installed and working without issues as it should. That`s all!

About “too buggy”, nobody wants to hear that word right??? Well I dont know if we should call it like this. I am not the one who`s saying that. It is unfortunate what was being posted. Here is just one single example, so check it out:

( ) - Important! - copy this link and PAST it into your favorite Browser to see this page!!!

Sorry, I don`t have time to spend around like grabbing links or that kind of crap for you, just because you want to know exactly all about what people out there are saying or not saying about your services. Please take yourself a look around if that stuff is important for you.

BTW, if YOU (als Österreicher) want to learn perfect “schwiizertüütsch”, in english it means swiss-dialect like a Swiss citizen as I am, you should beginning by the correct spelling of the word “GRIEZI” or GRÜEZI". and not "Grüzzi " as you just wrote above.

That being sad - I am Swiss, the German language is foreign to me OR if you understand german “Ich bin ein Schweizer, die deutsche Sprache ist mir fremd”.

Best regards all the way from LSZH ISwitzerland)


Your reference thread where someone calls our software is buggy is 4 years old and refers to the FMS Data Manager. You already say you are running the FMS Data Manager without problems, so I don’t see why you should lend any credibility to that. Plus we have issued many updates to our apps in the past 4 years.

The Navdata Center is what you need for navdata updates in MSFS, correct. Your initial post mentioned ”buggy” in relation to Navdata Center and MSFS navdata updates. We do care about what is said in the community about our products and we monitor pretty much every forum and discord. We don’t see that users frequently point out our software as buggy, and therefore we were a bit surprised. If you find some thread that discusses our new MSFS navdata as buggy then please let us know.

Otherwise, happy flights with our MSFS navdata!



@ Stephen

Does YOUR posted “statement” just above exactly mean that the MSFS Navdata Center will replace the old FMS Data Manager Software entirely at some point??? Well I don`t know it yet (how should I know it?), if YOU are currently working to implement all previous features from the FDM into the NEW MSFS Navdata Center.

I am assuming here, that you have started now with the MSFS because there are the most requests of new data-formats for new upcoming Addons, BUT I do NOT know yet, if you guys still working parallel to migrate the FDM features into the new Navdata Center!!? This is very important for me to know, because as I`ve sad very clearly in my previous post, I am running at the same time three different types of Flight Simulators.

AGAIN, assuming here, that the Navigraph MSFS Navdata Center (with or without BUGS, because now it is definitly coming out from beta-stage!), - will be the new place, where we “Flightsimers” can update all our Sim-Data and Aircraft Addons with the latest data in the future, so I would like to know IF I should keep the “OLD” FMS Data Manager installed on my machine after installing the NEW MSFS Navdata Center??? That`s the point!!! My question it’s as simple as that… NOW needing to be answered!!!

Otherwise, I just should forget about happy flights with your new MSFS Navdata Center!

Regards from LSZH (Switzerland)

… and the simple answer is YES, according our webpage:



OKIDOKI… well NOW I do definitely know that the new MSFS Navdata Center will NOT replace at any single point the old FMS Data Manager Software. In other words the NEW MSFS Navdata Center does NOT implement at all any previous features from OLD FMS Data Manager, right? If so and in my case running at the same time three different types of Flight Simulators (FSX-SE, P3Dv5 ans MSFS Premium Deluxe), I must keep installed on my system BOTH Data Managers in order to keep all that crap up to date!

I just can say PERFECT! I refuse here using another WORD!!! Do you catch what I mean???? At this point I still WAITING for better days...Well, have a nice day guys and BTW just close this thread! Its definitely the best you could do here!

Regards from LSZH (Switzerland)


The website does say explicitly that Navdata Center will replace the FMS Data Manager, eventually.

FMS Data Manager is used to update addons for the other simulators including X-Plane, Prepar3D and FSX. Eventually the Navdata Center app will be used to update these platforms too.

I think we have been quite responsive in this thread. There isn’t really any issue with our software. Our website is quite clear that you need both apps if you run both MSFS and the other sims. I am a bit puzzled why you are upset. If you don’t want to remain a Navigraph subsbcriber that is fine too, just email and ask for a refund.