When installing new airac cycle (2013 rev 1) from beta installer MSFS crashes

I haven’t made any extensive tests, but when planning a flight out of LZTT this morning I noticed that the world map still showed e.g. MARK4C and EPED4B departures which have been replaced by MARK5C and EPED5B respectively in 2013. Again, no extensive testing and could be a local data issue on my system, but it was my initial reflection.


Yeah, either Navblue or Asobo aren’t interpreting the data correctly, it seems.

Should we uninstall for the time being not to cause conflicts with Asobo’s update they pushed today?

Should we stick to 2012 accross the board for now for MSF2020?

Probably depends on what you mean by “across the board”. AFAIK, using Navigraph Charts it doesn’t let you select a cycle. If you mean things like Simbrief, then probably a good idea to wait, yeah.

Gotcha yes it’s what I meant thank you!

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I reverted simbrief to 2012 to match my ingame AIRAC.

navigraph charts is 2013 but I’m only using it to double check.

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I don’t think it’s a case of incorrect interpretation. The simple fact is that the data supplied to Asobo by NavBlue is, in many cases, woefully out-of-date. I reported the obsolete approach data for my home airport KELM directly to NavBlue themselves back in September. They verified the problem, and said that the database would be updated with the AIRAC release in early September. But, it has not been updated in MSFS, despite several sim nav data updates since then.

I have to wonder if NavBlue is actually updating anything. It almost appears that they just give Asobo the same database over and over again with each cycle. The outdated LZTT SIDS are a good example.

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If so, then Asobo should definitely stop using them. I’m not sure what they are paying them, but if it’s over $1000, then that’s too much for outdated data. (Apologies if being unkind to companies isn’t allowed…)

  1. I think you are talking about things that you have absolutely no information about

  2. This is not the topic of this thread. please stop posting to discuss this kind of things. there is numerous discord/facebook groups/reddit feeds where you can spread your conspiracy.

I’m just interested by this issue resolution.

WTF??? Unkind words right back at you, buddy. Buh bye.

Alright @TransPacificMediator stay on topic. :smiley: @ticktouktack has a point - this thread is about resolving the issue. Let’s stick to what we know. I am sure Asobo has good judgement and the intention of the best possible customer satisfaction behind their decisions. Let’s take a 10 min breather and start fresh, ok? :smiley: Give everyone the benefit of a doubt and that we all mean well.


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I wasn’t the one that started the side-topic, yet I’m the one getting the blame. Nice. So sad.

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Yeah sorry @TransPacificMediator I see now that the discussion started with @JRBarrett and @vmironovich and our very own @stephen - and you got the blame.

There is a new sherrif in town :cowboy_hat_face: and maybe I am trying to run this forum a little too tightly, but in general - let’s try to stay on topic, i.e. the reasons for the CTD. Everybody friends again?


it crashes for me also

Earlier today we rolled back from 2013 to 2012 on the FS2020 Navdata Update Service (beta) due to CTD reports. Now the issue is fixed and we will within minutes be releasing AIRAC 2013 as scheduled also for this beta service. (This rollback did not affect the FMS Data Manager.)

Thank you @ticktouktack for reporting this, and thank you to everyone who helped with additional information.


Awesome! Thanks for your hard work on this - never a dull moment with a new sim/engine! :rofl:

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Has the issue been fixed and how do we update to the 2013 AIRAC in MSFS?

Yes it has.

Please update your client Release notes - Navigraph Navdata Client - beta 17) if you are not already running beta.17.

Then install cycle 2013 rev 3: Release notes - AIRAC Cycle 2013 - revision 3

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