FAQ - Installing Navigation Data AIRAC Updates

There are two methods available to update Navigation Data AIRAC Updates for non MSFS and non MSFS addons - FMS Data Manager or Manual Installs
FMS Data Manager is recommended. Once set up, it is only a few clicks to download data for all your Flight Simulator(s) addons each update cycle. Initial description focuses on this.

FMS Data Manager

It is important you have the latest version of FMS Data Manager . New addon support, bug fixes and features are added. When new versions are issued, you will be prompted to upgrade on startup.

a. In FMS Data Manager there are tabs across the top. The Addon List shows known addons and is for data downloads. The Addon Mappings tab is used to add add-ons which have not been found with the initial Scan. The Settings tab is for settings in the FMS Data Manager.

b. In the top right you will see the current AIRAC number. To the right of addon entries you should see status of:


c. You update Addons in Addon List by clicking the black down-arrow to the right of an entry or by selecting one or more entries in the left column and choosing Update at the top. Note the drop down box to the left of Update, allows for further selection options.

d. Addons are installed one at a time, with a small clock to the right of the entry showing time progress. The status bar at the bottom of the screen also shows the progress in installing each addon.

e. When complete the chosen addons should have a green current AIRAC number displayed.

For each new AIRAC cycle, you need only do step c.

FMS Data Manager Problems

f. For X-Plane, in the event the detected path in Settings is incorrect or need to be changed say for a second copy of X-Plane, navigate to and ensure the X-Plane path is set to X-Plane root i.e. where you have X-Plane.exe (or X-Plane app on Mac) located. Press Save , and this change will propagate to the X-Plane paths in Addon Mappings and Addon List .You should then perform a Scan in Addon Mappings to detect X-Plane add-ons.

g. For FSX Steam, sometimes the path in Settings wont remain between restarts of FMS Data Manager. In this special case you will need to specify the full data path for each addon in a User Defined Folder (see next para).

h. In Addon Mappings tab you can add undetected addons, using the +Add button, specifying the addon in the Please select an addon drop down box. In the Install into drop down box, you can choose your FS, Default Folder or User Defined folder. Generally, choose one in that order, depending on the addon. A guide is where the data is initially installed with the addon.

i. Otherwise assistance is provided in the Manager - Navigraph . Check there first and if nothing covers your addon, create a NEWTOPIC there, detailing FMS Data Manager version, the addon and what you have tried already.

Manual Downloads

Manual Installs are provided for small numbers of downloads and where there may have been problems detecting addons in FMS Data Manager and generally requires more user involvement and expertise.

i. Choose and download the addon(s) from Manual Installs. Unzip and run the installer. In general, do not override the prompted paths.

j. Entries with ** including X-plane and X-plane addons are “native” versions of downloads and are identical to the regular download, but there is no installer program. The data is provided in a ZIP file which needs to be extracted manually to the correct folder. This version is only recommended for advanced or non-Windows users.