Does Charts 8 In-Game Panel Work for FSX

I have an unlimited Navigraph subscription and fly FSX PMDG 747-400/8, 777 and Airbus A319/320 flights, and would like to know if the latest Charts 8 In-Game panel is designed just for MSFS. I cannot load it for my fsx flights. I can follow the moving flight symbol on my Navigraph Charts display, but cannot load an in game panel.
I have installed the latest Navigraph Data Center icon but on the display I get - ‘No Simulators detected’.
When I run a Navigraph Simlink download I get - ‘Navigraph Simlink cannot detect a flight in your simulator’ even though I have a flight running on my Navigraph Charts display.
I find your tutorials and download displays at odds and confusing.
I have four Navigraph icons on my desktop - Navigraph Charts, Charts Desktop , FMS Data Manager and now Navdata Center.
Where do I start?


The Navigraph In-Game panel is for MSFS only. There is no such panel for FSX.

The Navigraph Navdata Center if MSFS and MSFS addons only. If you don’t have MSFS, I suggest you uninstall Navigraph Navdata Center to avoid confusion.

To upgrade FSX addons, you use FMS Data Manager

Please see FAQ - Installing Navdata AIRAC Updates.

To display your aircraft icon on Navigraph Charts (desktop or cloud), you need Simlink installed and running and FSX running. Please see FAQ - Simlink Install and Systray


I pay an unlimited subscription to Navigraph the same as MSFS. Why should I be penalised for not having MSFS? Are there plans to extend this facility to FSX?

We have a one-tier subscription where every feature is included, regardless if you use it or not.

You don’t pay less if you don’t use SimBrief. You don’t pay more if you use both the iOS and the Desktop apps. You don’t pay more if you fly internationally and not just in one continent. You don’t pay less if you only have one addon and only download one navigational dataset.

Specifically in your (FSX) case, we also don’t update the core navdata in FSX, but we do for MSFS. We do however support a much longer list of aircraft addons in FSX than in MSFS. Also there is no in-game panel in X-plane for the same reason, that it is not technically possible, at least for now. As you may know, the FSX platform is from 2006. Had there been an integrated browser in there, it would have been equivalent to Internet Explorer 7, lacking all the technical advancements made in the past 17 years, making any modern web apps completely unsupported (including Charts).

We cannot have the exact same offering on every simulation platform since the technical possibilities are different.

This is the same for most other subscription services, you pay one fixed amount for access to the full range of services offered. It isn’t something we will likely change as it just adds complexity and confusion and most likely no happier users.

However, you can take advantage of all the existing Charts apps on web, Desktop, iPad and Android, and connect it to moving maps on your FSX simulator via the Simlink app Ian mentioned. This is often the better experience anyways as the simulator process is not also loaded with external apps running - and also the Charts display is not hogging your screen real estate either. So if you have a spare computer, extra monitor or a tablet, you can get the full Charts experience. The MSFS in-game panel has its primary use case in Virtual Reality, which I assume is not relevant in your case.

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I already have my aircraft icon displayed on Navigraph Charts. It’s just that to see it during a flight I have to pause the simulator to see my en-route location - which is precisely the advantage your In -Game panel provides in being able to keep both panels in view real time during a flight. I would find this a real plus in my flight simulation experience.
Since I cannot access the full range of benefits of my unlimited subscription would you consider reducing this for FSX users or would you suggest I suspend my subscription until such time as I consider upgarding to MSFS.


This isn’t needed. If you run Charts Desktop you can enable the “Always on top” setting (see below) and the Charts app will float as a window over your simulator, so both are in view at the same time. Pretty much exactly how the in-game panel looks, with the benefit of not taking resources from the simulator thread.



You can also use the Charts software on another computer or tablet that you may have and track your location from that.

While I am not familiar with Windows and FSX, I would be very surprised if you couldn’t somehow simply Alt-Tab to the Charts software and back (with FSX running in the background), even without using “always on top”. That’s pretty much how the majority of simmers who don’t have an additional device would use it, as far as I know.

Unless I am missing something, the necessity for you to pause the sim when switching to another application on the same computer seems to be self-imposed and not actually necessary.



Thanks to each of you for your helpful suggestions; however, neither of them seem to work;
Alt-Tab just pauses the simulator and shows the Navigraph Charts display exactly as I have it in my set up for showing then removing the en-route display.
I’m not sure what ‘always on top’ does but the illustration shows a 2D flightdeck. I use a virtual flightdeck.
The Charts In Game panel is a feature I’m looking for but it looks like I’ll have to upgrade to MSFS.

Maybe FSX is that old that it can’t run in the background, or maybe it just auto-pauses on Alt-Tab but it’s configurable?

Either way, I’m glad I’m not flying that sim.



Probably has option in FSX pause on exit checked, Uncheck and you will be fine

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This feature ensures that, as long as you are not running the simulator in some sort of exclusive full-screen mode, Navigraph Charts stays on top of the simulator window at all times. This means that it will always be visible/available, kind of like the in-game panel for MSFS!

@fltbuff71 is right! There is a setting in FSX that pauses the simulator as soon as it loses focus, and for some reason, this is enabled by default! You can find it in the general settings:

I hope this helps!

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To Whom This May Concern.

I’m using FSX steam edition and i can’t seem to bring up the in game panel, message keeps telling me that i need to download some add-on aircraft to get it.

Add-on aircraft are costly and i can’t afford to purchase them, does that mean i cannot bring up charts while I’m flying my default aircraft?

Now, if it’s possible what is the procedure to get the panel, while flying default aircraft?

Hope to hear from you soon.



As above, the Navigraph In-Game panel is for MSFS only. There is no such panel for FSX for the reasons given at Does Charts 8 In-Game Panel Work for FSX - #4 by stephen


Navigraph Support Manager

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