X plane FF A320 EGLL SIDs not in the data base

With Flight Factor A320 Ultimate, the FMC does NOT have the proper SIDS for EGLL.
MAXIT, MODMI, ULTIB, GASGU, and GOGSI produces a “Not in database error”.
Everything is up to date via the Navigraph data updater, and the proper date is shown on the FMC.

The standard B737 has all these SIDS in the FMC just fine.

Hope you can help



Using latest Version 1.2.5 FFA320 with AIRAC 2201 I see all those SID’s at EGLL without error:

Please check you have latest version FF A320, that you have correctly installed AIRAC 2201 update, and have restarted FS machine.

Maybe post screenshots to show details and error message using Guide to posting Screenshots.


Many thanks, I ‘ll try again

I bought FF A320 a few days ago; just tried updating but there is no update as I presume this is the latest one. Correctly installed AIRAC 2201 (screenshot 1).
In x-plane/Custom Data the CIFP file contains all the correct SIDs for EGLL.
So I think I have to go to Flight Factor to see if they can see why the correct data is not put into the FMC in the A320

You haven’t installes the latest AIRAC cycle. You have installed the Lido 1701 cycle (LSY1701). You see this also on the date … AIRAC 2201 was started on 27 JAN and not 02 FEB as your screenshot shows.

So, you use the default data from the initial setup but you haven’t installed the FF cycle.


Thank very much for your help. I thought Using the FMS Data update program would install it correctly.

So how do install the FF cycle, what ever that means.


John Cardiff

Hi John,

You need to download, install and run FMS Data Manager.

You should be prompted to Scan for addons. Please do so with defaults.

In the Addon List tab, your should select and update FlightFactor A320Ultimate entry.

For more info see FAQ - Installing Navdata AIRAC Updates.

Please let us know how you get on.


Yes, I’ve used the FMS Data Manager for years – normally no problems.

There is a listing for X-Plane 11 (Custom Data) where all the other x plane get their data from successfully but no listing for FF A320 Ultimate.

In the past I’ve had to do other data stuff manually, so I’ve downloaded data for A320 Ultimate. There is an index file and a data directory.

If I have to do it manually I think both files would go in FlightFactor A320Ultimate/data. Is that correct?

Thanks again. John Cardiff

Hi John,
what is your full-path of the FF A320 Ultimate main folder? Where is it installed (ie. <xp11-root>\Aircraft\FlightFactor A320 ultimate)


Hi John,

If the path for X-Plane 11 is correct in latest FMS Data Manager Settings , in Addon Mappings Scan should detect Flightfactor A320Ultimate.
If not press +Add, Select Flightfactor A320Ultimate and Install into X-Plane 11. Mapping should be <XP11>\Aircraft\FlightFactor A320 ultimate

Yes the paths are all correct and it detects Flightfactor A320Ultimate but doesn’t add it to Mappings. So as said in the last email I did what you say here and all working now.

Thanks again

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Hi John,

You are welcome. Glad it is resolved.


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