Airac update but if i look in folder in plane the version is old

i use navigraph ultimate but when the update i see not the new airac cycle in folder, on every plane… must i update manual in folder for plane data ?

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Please be more specific. As far as I understand, you have updated the AIRAC data for your simulator using FMS Data Manager, but when you look in the “plane” folder the version is not updated.

In general, navigational data updates are global and affect all installed aircraft. You should not need to install the navigational data for each aircraft, as long as you’re not running P3D or FSX. To be sure about your situation tho, I need more information.

What simulator are you running? What aircraft are you referring to?


yes you understand right! the was it i mean! x plane 11…

eks MD80 .

The screenshot you sent shows the custom data directory in X-Plane, not an aircraft folder?

As previously mentioned, many addon aircraft read their data from X-Planes default/custom data. In these cases, updating this data only by adding X-Plane 11 to FMS Data Manager should be enough.

If, however, you are trying to use an addon that requires its own, separate source of data (like the Rotate MD-80 Pro), you will have to add the addon to FMS Data Manager by scanning for addons or by manually adding it through the menu pictured below:

Please advise if this does not answer your question!


yes thats right…

Was your question answered? I am happy to clarify if you have any more questions! :slight_smile:


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