Missing a decent manual how to use and integrate Navigraph?

I was looking for an extensive manual about use and integration of charts and data flying in X-Plane, but cannot find such an aid. I use the Garmin G1000 and the Reality GTN 750. Could anyone help me?


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You might like to see FAQ - Installing Navdata AIRAC Updates and FAQ - Introduction to Navigraph Charts.

After reviewing these, if you have specific questions please ask.

Note the F1 GTN 750 is not supported for Navigraph updates.


Dear Ian,

Thanks for your directions.
As a professional marketeer I would suggest you to publish on your website an extended manual for both your products. For newbies and/or people that are interested in simflying with charts and data it is very convenient to find all the necessary information up front! Otherwise they - like me - have to search for information to consider a subscription and could get the wrong information. That told me - for instance - that Navigraph was not able to deliver charts or data of European airways and airports…
Fortunately I found out that Navigraph covers Europe as well…

Thanks again and good luck!

Jos Bookelman

Hi Jos,

Does https://navigraph.com/beginners-guide fit the bill?