No instructions, no detailed videos, a useless PDF, kinda upset and hoping there are folks that know how to get $25 worth?

we have different applications and you haven’t specified what you have downloaded and where you need assistance.

There is an own category here called “Navigraph Videos”, which included 17 different videos, explanations to different topics to our products.

Also, we have an own blog with monthly actual topics about our work, about new features of your products and so on.

It’s worth to look deeper into it and when you don’t find what you are looking for, we and a lot of other our customer here are happy to help you.

But again, for that we need more details and it’s not really necessary to write in uppercase, we see/hear you without it too.

Thank you and have a nice day

Hello Richard

Thanks for the response. You actually have 2 applications, a one time purchase and a monthly prescription. One is $25 USD the other is $9 per month. There are a few platforms but really only 2 for flight sim. X-Plane and MSFS.

The X-Plane uses a generic FMC and a modified 737 “Zibo” FMC. The Zibo mod FMC is out of date. After reading and joining X-Plane org blogs and watching YouTube vids, one could. “Update” the FMC with Navigraph.

That’s not the case. When the account is created and downloaded, there is bitterly no way of knowing what was downloaded nor how to either install it or use it. The consumer is left with some random icons and clickable data which goes no where. There is no instruction in how to add specific plug in files or readable files into X-Plane.

Your graphs may be beautiful and fancy but when a new customers is missing steps 1 through 6 on how to precisely install and update the FMC, it’s my money wasted. I tried your blog and PDF and rummaged through many videos that were all different and simply are ways for people to show off their subscriptions. Not sure where that leaves me now.

I can uninstall X-Plane, uninstall Navigraph and start over, but there is no guarantee. It should be simple as unzipping a file, copying the file and then plugging it into the file chain. Then frequently updating it, but that would make it practicle. Oh well?


Hi Brad,


Please see Paras a to e of FAQ - Installing Navdata AIRAC Updates.

If unclear please ask.


Hi Brad,
additional to Ian´s answer a few side notes to XP.

Indeed XP is special in this case because there is no real folder-structure specified. That means, every user can make his own structure (of course within the Aircraft-folder, which is in most of time recommended from the addon developer).

So, that makes it hard for us to identify which addon is installed on which location on the customer enviroment. Thats the reason, why in nearly 90% of all cases, you should map your addon manually but for this, you must know, where your Zibo-addon is installed. The FAQ from Ian´s post explain how the mapping in the FMS Data Manager works - or you can use the manual installer, which is a single setup-file but also here, you must know, where your Zibo addon is installed in which path.

As Ian mentioned - when something is unclear, let us know please. We will help where we can but we can´t describe all in detail due some factors which also are not in our hands too. Some addons are easy to detect, some not and some you must add manually …



I will try after work tomorrow as its midnight here on the West Coast. What a great product it would be if it actually can be downloaded into the X-Plane files and used in the Zibo 800 mod.

What a fantastic product it could be if the FMC’s SIDS and STARS were updated to current airlines, like what I am using now with Flightaware and Skyvector.

It’s not asking for much as most of the files are static. I have successfully downloaded HD Mesh, several add-ons, but to no avail, using Navigraph…we will try again tomorrow.


Thanks Richard

I will try tomorrow. I have successfully been able to download simple files like Terrain Radar and Better Pushback and easily install them into my plug in files and they work on the Zibo 800. I can install HD Mesh, Cloud Scapes, Updated Airports, but the FMC and Navigation no longer are functional nor practical making this now a game and not a SIM…this is why I bought this product.

I can go into my Zibo files and look around. What I cannot do is guess what file I purchased from you guys, how to isolate it. It has no name, no location. Your applet attempts to direct it into the platform, but it’s not working. What would be easier is to simply download and unzip a file, copy, replace and paste it into the string under the aircraft, but you guys can’t tell me the name of the file, where it’s been downloaded to, how to copy it and where in the Zibo aircraft to paste it and in what order.

Does the file have a name, does the file require overwriting or deleting the existing file, can I simply go to the site and grab a weekly update?
Zibo and X-Plane have been out for a while now. I’m sure it shouldn’t be this cumbersome.

Anyway, I truly appreciate your professional manor in how quick you responded. That’s probably worth the $25 If nothing else.

Again Thanks