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I currently use either the Skyhawk 172 or the SR50 vision jet as I love the G1000. Every aircraft I choose though always says navdata out of date. I have watched countless YouTube videos including the ones posted on Navigraph and I still can’t update the navdata on the FMS suites I use.

I use x-plane 11 on an iMac. The navdata out of date is perhaps one reason why when I prepare a flight plan on simbrief then try to create the route in the FMS using say the SR50, many waypoints and fixes don’t appear so many flight plans only have one or two fixes before reaching destination airport.

Any tips on how to update navdata on x-plane 11 for an iMac?

Side note (I am a subscriber and have the most current airac cycle 2201)



Please download, install and run FMS Data Manager for macOS.

X-Plane 11 should be detected and you can then update X-Plane 11 addons.

Please let us know how you get on.


Hi Ian:

Thanks very much for the reply. I’m not a tech-savvy person. I have downloaded the FMS data manager for macOS but I am unsure how to update the X-Plane 11 addons. I realize this part may not be the correct forum but if you happen to know off hand that would help.

I am finding when I compile and make a flightplan on simbrief then go to navigraph charts, everything is there. I like using the SR 50 vision jet so when I go to make a flight plan. There are NUMEROUS waypoints and other fixes that simply aren’t there so I think the navdata out of date is my issue.

Thanks again for the reply Ian :slight_smile:


Hi Jeff,

Please see FMS Data Manager section of FAQ - Installing Navdata AIRAC Updates

After that, if you have further questions, please ask.


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