Download manager for FSX acc

Hello ,
I subscribe yesterday to Navigraph, I tried download manager for PDMG planes and the update AIRAC is not in my FMS. I still use FSX Acc for now ( until I get my new one :slight_smile: ) But I still wanna play .
What I did wrong ? is it suppose to be update in the plane ??
Thank you very much



For clarity, please confirm you are referring to FSX and not MSFS?

For FSX, in FMS Data Manager Settings tab, make sure you the have the latest Version

If not please download, install and run FMS Data Manager.

Further down the Settings page, make sure you have the correct Fight Simulator X path. Press Save.

In Addon Mappings tab, select and Remove any FSX addons. Press Save. Press Scan, and Save. Hopefully any FSX addons including PMDG (all compatible products) will be detected.

In Addon List tab, select PMDG (all compatible products), and Update. You should see it being updated in the Status Bar, bottom left of screen.

Check you the latest dats and AIRAc number in the aircarft FMC Ident page.


Well I did download the airac direct from Navigraph lolol I did not download the FMS manager before is that why ? lolol
THanks I will get back to you once I 've done it :slight_smile: Thanks Ian

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