FAQ - MSFS Recommendation/using Addon-Linker - content.xml file

To use our AIRAC updates correctly, there are two major recommendations which must be considered when you use Addon-Linker or similar tools:

  1. don´t delete the content.xml file
  2. don´t sort/re-sort the content.xml file

The content.xml file contains the scenery-packages. If the file doesn´t exist (i.e. at the first time), this file will be created automatically when you start the sim - the sim looks in your community folder and re-builds it. The order of each line is very, very important. The line position determines the priority, means which packages is more important or less important. The first line in this file has the lowest priority, the last line the highest …

That´s exactly the reason why all new packages will be added every time at the last position because this guarantees that possible stock scenery, will be “overwritten” because the stock-scenery will be loaded BEFORE the new scenery (BEFORE = lower priority).

Therefore it is very, very important when you manual change this file, you know what you do and understand the result.

In the current Navigraph Navdata Center, we offer now two packages. A base-package and a navdata-package. Both are important and there is a dependency between these two packages.

The base package will ALWAYS be placed after the “fs-base-nav” package and the navdata-package will be placed ALWAYS on the last line. Remember, the last line has the highest priority and therefore you can expect that all scenery-packages (which are BEFORE) will be use our navdata, terminal-procedures, …

IMPORTANT! And the only way how we can give you a fully support:
Don´t touch the content.xml file in any case - not manually, not via a third party addon … disable it in the Addon-Linker, …

What we need for optimal support:

  1. Please confirm, that you have installed the Navigraph Navdata Center v1.0.3 or above.
  2. Please confirm, that when you use Addon-Linker or similar else, that the content.xml file will not be deleted automatically.
  3. Please upload your content.xml file, so we can check the order.