FAQ - MSFS AIRAC cycle installed but no navaids, waypoints or terminal procedures visible

If you have installed the AIRAC update correctly, but don´t see or can´t select any navaids, waypoints or terminal-procedures, then in most cases you have loaded an in-compatible package in your sim.

Please check the pre-requisites first:

  1. Make sure, you have installed the latest version of the Navigraph Navdata Center (at least v1.0.3)

  1. Make sure, that the sim has loaded the AIRAC packages in the MSFS Content-Manager (cycle and revision could be different):

  1. If you´re using Addon-Linker or similar tool, please look and check this FAQ - Recommendation/using Addon-Linker - content.xml file

  2. Start the Navigraph Navdata Center BEFORE you start the MSFS - this is an important step and should be made manually after every PC restart at the moment. We are working on an auto start-functionallity.

When all the pre-requisites are checked and you are still missing data, try following:

  1. Move all your custom-packages (3rd party sceneries) to a temporary folder out of the community folder, excluding the navigraph packages.

  2. Start the sim and look if you can see and select the data . If yes, you know that there is some incompatible package which the sim loads and which causes this effect.

When all of this doesn’t help …

What we need for optimal support:

  1. Please confirm, that you have installed the Navigraph Navdata Center v1.0.3 or above.
  2. Please confirm, that when you use Addon-Linker or similar else, that the content.xml file will not be deleted automatically.
  3. Pleae confirm, that you have made all pre-requisites steps before.
  4. Please upload your content.xml file, so we can check the order - to find the correct location of this file, please look here