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Navigraph just rolled out an update to MSFS Navdata Center. I have recently installed version 1.0.2 into default prompted folders and I have right now a 2end (new!) folder called “navigraph-navdata-base” in the Community folder. What does it means??? I’ve never seen this one before. Before updating it I just had a single folder called “navigraph-navdata” out there. BTW, I am using MSFS Addons Linker in order to move my MSFS addons around as needed, but this has nothing to do with the issue. Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

what issue do you have with this?

This is absolutely correct. With the newest NNC version 1.0.2 and from AIRAC 2112 on, we have splitted the data now into a base-package and in a update-package. The reason for that is, that we avoid scenery conflicts in the content file as in the past.

You wrote, that you have an issue, what issue do you have now?


PS: please exclude these two packages from the Addon-Linker, we DON´T recommend and support this. When you don´t need the data, or you want to disable it for a test, simple open the NNC, press remove and you have exactly the same configuration as before. Thank you!

Thx @Richard for clarifying the context of my question!

As you can probably see now, well I do not really have any issue since you are assuming here that you have (NOW) in Ver. 1.0.2 splitted the data into a base-package and in a update-package. Two directories, correct? At this point my question is answered and solved so far.

And YES I am STIIL using MSFS Addons Linker with all my MSFS addons INCLUDED the Navdata Center ver. 1.0.2 as clearly mentioned before WITHOUT any kind of problems. Why shouldn’t I ??? I have NOT Navdata Center both folders (fisiquely) in the Community folder. We Simers our best friend called Addons Linker is just pointing all my MSFS Addons to the Community folder and that`s the way it is.

Well, iIf there is an Update concening your App or when just updating new Navdata for my Aircrafts so I just have quicky to move the right Navdata folder into the Community folder and after that I just move it back again to my custom folder, yeah just there where I have all my MSFS Addons. It is as simple as that - and all of them working like a charm, Doing so I just need ONE single click to empty my Community folder specially when there is a SIM Update that must be installed on my machine. And that’ s it!

Thank you anyway and have a nice day!

Regrds from LSZH

thanks for your kind words and also thank you for your clarification. I have really thought that we have overseen something during our tests with the new Navigraph Navdata Center … so, good that all is good :slight_smile:

To the AddonLinker:
No, we don´t say that this doesn´t work and you are a good example that it´s working also with the AddonLinker, but YOU know what you do (specially with the move away-back before any update). Many, many, many issues (like “I have no navaids, waypoints, … anymore after the update”) comes exactly from these “manual” moving of the content.

Therefore our official statement: “Please when you want to clear your community-folder, please use the Navigraph Navdata Center to remove our packages” - by the way, to make the community folder empty before you install an update is useless and I don´t understand the sense of this recommendation but thats another topic :slight_smile:

Hope it´s clearer now - AddonLinker works with our packages too, but you should know what you´re doing and you should know how you do it - that´s not ever the case :slight_smile:

Dir auch einen schönen Tag & lg aus Wien,

PS: by the way, we prepare a blog-post coming with the newsletter, where we try to explain this new “solution” in more detail - if you are more interested on this.

Hey there!

Looking closer to NDC Ver.1.0.2. However I have NOT noticed any bad effect or BUG at all using today the lastest version of MSFS Navdata Center and AIRAC Cycle 2112 Rev.1. SO FAR!!

Just to be aware that I just made right now an IGS Approach into RWY 25 LSGS/ SION using that data. Just keep in mind - I was born in Sion (VS) in this wonderful swiss city and I know this airport very well. It was just another perfect landing with the Airbus Neo FBW A32nx todays latest Dev version BDC5BC7 and Aerosoft CRJ 700 latest

BTW, Sion is one of the most challenging airport approaches for simpilots. It has really a very special approach that brings you from 17’000ft down to a field elevation of 1583ft. The final approach point is located 25,6 NM from the IGS-transmitter and this causes some trouble as Microsoft Flight Simulator seems to have a hardcoded maximum range of 20,7 NM for the Glideslope signal and 25,7 NM for the localizer. However I really had to perform a very steep approach. If I am not fully configured @ the right point, you will pick up excessive speed and you will never able to descend in a stable way, preventing you from intercepting the glideslope later on. That’s the point!

However guys just don’t worry, NOTHING to do with your app guys… Keep it up the good work! That’s definitely the right way to put your brain into its most creative gear.

Addon Linker again and again??? Well I know almost about this guy I guess…

Regards / Beste Grüesse aus LSZH (Switzerland)


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