Airac issue fly by wire a320

Hello, It seems that even I have latest airac installed, my fly by wire a320 doesn’t update:

¿Any thoughts of what the problem can be? I reinstalled several times and nothing


Welcome back.

Are you by chance using Addon-Linker ? If so please see FAQ - Recommendation/using Addon-Linker - content.xml file.

Make sure MSFS is closed.

Move content.xml from %appData%\Microsoft Flight Simulator to a backup location.

Run latest v1.0.5 or later of Navigraph Navdata Center. This should reestablish content.xml in correct order .

Install AIRAC Cycle 2213.

Please let us know how you get on.


Hello Ian,

thanks beforehand for your help! I tried what you said but it didn’t work. I dont use Addon-Linker. The Navdata line is in the last position in the content file (which I understand is the highest priority)

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which FBW version do you use? Stable, Dev or Experimental … when you not use the stable version, please try it and report it back the result.

Thank you

PS: by the way, in the Content-Manager in the sim, you also find the Navigraph AIRAC, right?

I tried NORMAL - DEVELOPER and EXPERIMENTAL, none of them work. Also lodead the ASOBO default airbus, it doesn’t show updated airac either.

In the content manager it is weird because and old airac is installed there, maybe that is the problem. As the game became to be bigger and bigger I’ve got two sim folders, probably that is the problem. Is there anyway I can manually set the AIRAC installs in?


I saw NAV DATA CENTER is flagged as “not installed” can that be the problem?

What do you mean with you have “two sim folder”?

We don’t have a package for the Navigraph Navdata Center. This shouldn’t be visible in the content manager …

It looks you have a major issue on your system.
I would recommend to re-install the sim to bring your system in a stable and recommended state.
After that we can look deeper into it (if this doesn’t help).


Reinstalling the game solved the problem!

Lots of thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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