FAQ - MSFS How to install/update the Navigraph Navdata Installer

For MSFS2020 you need an application called “Navigraph Navdata Installer” (not the FMS Data Manager, which only supports FS9, FSX, P3D, XP10 and XP11) - you can download the latest version from here.

:desktop_computer: How to install the “Navigraph Navdata Installer” from scratch

  1. close your sim

  2. download the latest setup

  3. start the setup normally (with no Admin-Right option)

  4. select a folder outside the sim-folder in any folder your choice

  5. when the application starts, login with your Navigraph credentials

  6. after the sign-in the application starts automatically and you can press the INSTALL-button to install the latest AIRAC cycle/revision

:keyboard: How do you UPDATE the “Navigraph Navdata Installer”

  1. close your sim

  2. open the “Navigraph Navdata Installer” - in most cases it´s hidden in the system tray (taskbar, right beside the clock).

  3. when the application opens, press the red “REMOVE” button to remove the current installed AIRAC dataset

  4. close the application and in the windows settings under “Add or remove programs”

  5. look for “Navigraph” and press the “uninstall” button

After that go ahead with the instructions above “How to install it from scratch”

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