KORD SIDs/STARs are missing after AIRAC update

I just purchased the new airac cycle and checked xplane 11 and it has sids and stars for airports but when i try msfs there is no sids or stars for certain airports


i put the image beacuse idk why there are 2 navigraph data

please download and install the latest version of the Navigraph Navdata Center. According your screenshot, you’re using an old version.

When you have installed it, you should have 3 navigraph-folder. One for the In-Game panel (to bring the charts functionality directly into the MSFS) and two packages for the navdata (base and navdata) which are contains the AIRAC updates.

So, please install the latest version and try it again.

Here are a helpful link for the update of the Navigraph Navdata Center:

Hope that helps, when not please let me know …


I have all the navigraph folders installed (i have no custom airports)


Please upload your content.xml file here.

Thank you

Content.xml (7.1 KB)

Hi again,
the content-file is correct so far - I don´t see any reason, why you don´t see any terminal procedures.

You wrote “certain airports” in your topic, does that mean, in general you see terminal procedures? Can you give me an example, on which airport you don´t see the terminal procedures?

Normally, the MSFS suppresses the terminal procedure, when a runway is missing in the stock sceneries or a runway-ident is not equal to the real one. So possible, you try an airport, where this happens … but this is an ASOBO/MS issue because the data are included.

Anyway, please give me a few examples, where you miss the terminal procedures. Than I can check it against our data.

Thank you very much,

I have only experienced this happening with KORD. I looked up other solutions and in one post you replied about deleteing and file and letting the sim remake it automatically so I did but it didnt fix the issue

Ah ok, KORD is very outdated in the default MSFS scenery and also special, because KORD has no real “SIDS” - only vector based. The STARs will be suppressed by the MSFS due the missing runway in the stock scenery.

When you use (as an example), the FSDT KORD scenery, which is up2date and includes all runways, you will immediately see that all arrivals are available and selectable.

Here the runways with the FSDT KORD installed:

… and here the STARs, when you have installed the FSDT KORD:

And here the same without any 3rd party scenery, simple with the stock KORD (you see the runway 09C/27C is missing):

… and therefore, no STARs:

In both examples, are AIRAC 2113 installed - the data are still included but due the sim limitation (missing runway) you can´t select it.

Sorry, this is not a navdata issue, as you see, the procedures are included and also available/selectable.
There are a lot of topics here about the KORD issue … that´s not new and this “feature/bug” exists since day one, sorry.


so asobo has to fix this?

Right, we can´t fix it - we can only be provide the data and that is what we still do (as you see in the screenshots above).

On the KORD example you see, that ASOBO/MS exclude terminal procedures (during their parsing process to offer AIRAC updates), when a runway is missing and/or wrong.

When you use the FSDT KORD scenery (where 09C/27C is included - so identically to the real-world) without our AIRAC updates (= using only the stock navdata), you will not find any STAR for this runways because they have excluded it due exactly this bug - when they would include it, they would run into the same issue, with no STARs.

An an example - FSDT KORD installed, Navigraph deinstalled - MSFS uses only the stock navdata (NavBlue + FAA):
BENKY6 STAR for runway 09C is missing:

In other words, you can´t land on 09C/27C because you have no STAR, nor the approaches for these runways. So the ASOBO/MS AIRAC updates are simple incomplete, also in the US/CAN area as you see.


how come you can see everyother runway apart from the missing ones

As I have wrote before, ASOBO/MS exclude all terminal procedures from the stock navdata, where they can´t assigned to a runway. That means, when you use a 3rd party scenery, which is more up2date (as KORD), you can´t use the scenery 100% because you have updated runways but the terminal procedures in the stock navdata are missing than.

As the example before:
You have 09C/27C due the 3rd party scenery but you can´t use it with the stock navdata because the terminal procedures (SIDs/STARs/Approaches) are missing for it.


PS: I have changed the title of this topic because it was not clear, that you only mean KORD

for the future if i decide to get custom scenery whether it is payware or not do i need to make any changes to fix the nav data? if so what kind

No, because we export ALL worldwide terminal procedures because it makes for us more sense to offer all data and not limited on the default stock scenery.

So, simple let the Navigraph Navdata Center run in the background (that´s important that your content-file will be always up2date and correct ordered) and simple install your 3rd party scenery (free- or payware - all is good).

Whenever you see that (at least) the STARs are missing, I would first compare the airport-layout, if all runways are existing and all runway-idents are correct.

All in all, nothing more to do … Navigraph Navdata Center is running automatically in the background, so you don´t need more :slight_smile:


so i dont do anything unless sids and stars are missing then i can do wat?

When you have access to the charts, check the airport-diagram and if there are terminal charts available - in 99.9% there is a runway missing or a wrong runway-ident comparing to the real-world charts. When you have checked this - and there is really an outdated scenery-issue, report this to ASOBO/MS (when this happens on a stock airport, like KORD) or to the corresponding developer of the 3rd party scenery.

The rest 0.1% is normally a NOTAM issue in the real-world, that terminal procedures are suspended, navaids under maintenance, …

Hope that helps now

so if the scenery doesnt work its incompatible in other words

Then the scenery is outdated yes … I wouldn’t say incompatible.


how could i tell the scenery is loaded though? by the stars or sids?

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