How can i get airac2101 on MSFS2020

Im using MSFS2020. i downloaded the newest beta to get new airac, but i cant get 2101. still 2014 rev4. hpw can i update it?
plus. i can never open navigraph application except i push “run” when install finishing. are there any solutions?

Hi Rin,
first of all, please close your sim BEFORE you make any update …

Then as you tried it, when you have started the “Navigraph Navdata Installer” you don´t need to run this application as an admin. Start it in a normal way. The application opens in the background and run in the system-tray (task bar right corner , near the windows time).


So, when you click on the Navigraph symbol the application open. To make a update, due a new cycle or due a new revision, simple press the “remove” button and after finishing the “install” button. This removes only the dataset but not the application.

Remove the dataset (= set the sim to default navdata):

Installing the dataset (use the Navigraph navdata):

To remove or update the “Navigraph Navdata Installer” (the application) you must do this via the normal windows feature “Add or remove programs”.

Hope that helps a little bit. The current solution to update the data is only a manual one (remove and re-install) but we are working on an automatism in the near future.


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Super clear, solved. Thank you very much.

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