Updated AIRAC for MSFS2020

Please explain how to update the AIRAC for MSFS2020. When i go to updater manager in the settings i don’t see the MSFS2020 to select the path!

Hi Chris,
please follow the steps from here - you don´t need the FMS Data Manager, when you want to update only the MSFS2020 database :wink:


Please provide me the link to revision 4 of the installer. I have trouble locating it. The current version I have is 1.0.0-beta.23. I t would be helpful to mention the revision number within the installer along with the beta version number. Thank you.

Hi Chris,
the version of the Navigraph Installer is beta 23. So you use the current one. The current AIRAC cycle us 2103 revision 1.
So, when you have installed the Navigraph Installer, press the blue Install button and you get the current/effective data.


PS: in the Installer app, you see either the version number of the installer, also ehich cycle/revision is installed

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