VATSIM/ IVAO Integration - Active ATC with respective frequencies and traffic

Some kind of integration for VATSIM/ IVAO users, at the moment we need other programs (ex. VATspy) to track active ATC and traffic. Would be lovely to have access in one application.



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I agree wholeheartedly! Navigraph Charts is such a well designed app and fluid interface, I would love not having to switch to VATScope to see active ATC regions and traffic.


This would be an incredible enhancement! Thank you for seriously considering.


It’s impressive how well Navigraph has done through the last few years and I’m waiting for every new update )) with providing everything needed. I also enjoy the feature of loading Simbrief from Avionics, which allows for easy reloading of flight plans. However, to fully dominate the market, Vatsim integration is necessary. This would allow for the filtering of active frequencies based on Vatsim and displaying occupied parking stands. It would be helpful if Simbrief could also display free parking stands based on the plane type and suggest free non occupied parking stands, so users don’t have to search on the Vatsim map. Currently, ATS frequency, flight traffic, and parking stands are functioning well with their API.

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Navigraph is the best specially after the weather addon!!! Vatsim integration would make this perfect! I wouldn’t have to have other addon open, just Navigraph!! Well done!

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Wholly agree that with the weather integration on the latest update, some VATSIM integration to at least show active controllers would probably be the final step in making navigraph the leader in flight planning and tracking software.

Looking at the votes in the wish list, and this one has fare out the most votes, might we expect this feature coming to Navigraph? Man that would be awesome! I waiting for that a long time already.

Yes, this can be expected in a future release. But as usual, we won’t give any ETAs - apologies for the inconvenience! Undoubtedly, this is a highly anticipated feature and we have added it to the roadmap!

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Thanks for the reply! :slight_smile:

Hi skysail.

Would this planned update also include the ability to use Transmitter? It’s a small program that my virtual ailine uses so that we can see each other online during group flights. Members of the group take it in turns to act as ATC and instruct all the other pilots. At the moment we have to use Little Nav Map, which is horrendous.

I appologise if this is posted in the wrong place, I just didn’t want to make a duplicate post if the planned update would also enable you to see other players. Is it even possible, is there a workaround?

Many thanks


The scope of the integration is currently limited to showing online ATC and traffic from major online networks. Third-party software like the one you mention is not being considered at the moment, it is simply not feasible to develop and maintain such integrations given the small userbase.

If you do feel strongly about us adding support for this tool, please feel free to open a separate topic!

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please don’t forgetnormal AI to show up like in litle navmap

AI is a whole other story that is different for each simulator, and we do not aim to implement it with this feature I’m afraid.

If you want AI traffic to be shown on the map, please create a separate topic for it here in the wishlist!

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I would love to see VATSIM traffic on Navigraph Charts. It would also be beneficial if there would be good filtering of traffic between the different major networks, so that we can only see traffic for the network we want to see.

I use Volanta a lot for seeing traffic however some VATSIM traffic utilizes
Volanta like myself so on there they show up as a Volanta network aircraft, which blends with everyone using the app but not on the network, making it difficult to see what traffic is actually going to be a factor. Another thing with it is the update time on VATSIM traffic is really slow and traffic positions displayed in there are usually a couple minutes behind real time. Not sure if that’s a limitation of the request handler.

Can’t wait for future updates, Charts has been a must have for me and I’ve always been super impressed with it. Its usability and format makes it better than ForeFlight in my opinion. I’ve been a subscriber of Navigraph for quite a few years now and have never been disappointed, thank you all for your amazing work.

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yes, integration would be cool but just like Volanta or Vatspy (or anyhting with this data source), it’s usability is pretty limited in many areas. Vatglasses is the only source in Europe for example to show accurate borders, especially in the third dimension - altitude.

Any other depiction is in my opinion more or less worthless!

If you want traffic that can be used for traffic avoidance the correct topic might be Show AI Traffic on the map and charts - Wishlist - Navigraph since the data for AI traffic is coming directly from the sim and not vatsim servers.

Well in the sim VATSIM traffic is only spawned in when you’re in close proximity. Something like Volanta shows traffic all over so you can see how busy an approach will be or an airspace will be miles ahead of time.


As a sole VR flyer on VATSIM…this would be the final piece of the puzzle!

Navigraph has come so far in its development of a flight sim product that is almost matching the like of ForeFlight and Garmin Pilot for an EFB (electronic flight bag) pilot tool. The only thing now that keeps me using ForeFlight is the display of traffic. Navigraph matches every other need for flight simulation. Using a product like XMapsy to connect ForeFlight to bring traffic and moving maps into MSFS along with georeferenced charts brings realism to the sim experience. I voted for this topic some time ago, I hope it is solidly on Navigraphs’ radar.