VATSIM/ IVAO Integration - Active ATC with respective frequencies and traffic

Maybe it’s possible to include a push notification (iOS/iPadOS) if a controller pops up or five minutes prior flying in a controlled airspace?

Unfortunately not as part of the core VATSIM feature. If you would like that to happen, please create a separate wishlist topic!

@skysail @stephen thx for adding such a feature. Count me in as a subscriper when this feature is implemented.
I’d love to see elements such as:

  • overall view of the Vatsim traffic.
  • able to view nearby traffic “live” with continues update of movements, such as the old FS Commander did. 100nm limit?
  • Able to see active ATC with correct airspace boundaries.

This is really all I’m missing before I will subscribe to Navigraph😊

In the old days FS Navigator and FS Commander by Volker Heine, was the perfect sim companion software which did all the above👍

Looking forward to the release!:tada:

I am now a firm supporter of bringing VATSIM Traffic into the charts!
I have flown in several VATSIM events and find myself constantly going between the accuracy of Navigraph charts/ airport layouts, and back to a VATSIM display to see where the network traffic aircraft actually were.
It actually adds quite a bit of time and distraction to Flying….something you don’t need more of when flying online!

Depicting online ATC would be an added bonus, but I don’t find that as essential as seeing the live player traffic.

Can’t wait to see the development!

It would be cool if they set it up the same way that forflight has it when you’re using the century

Since now

Notice: IVAO API access is now open to everyone ! Do not hesitate to request your own access here!

I have sent my wish letter to Santa Klaus :sweat_smile:
Let’s hope and prey. :santa:

Absolutely looking forward to this feature, if it can be implemented. Thanks in advance.

As the developer of VSR that brings VATSIm into the cockpit I’d be happy for Navigraph to take this on. The features need to include airport vs enroute controllers, single click comms change to VS frequency, messaging to and from VATSIm in the cockpit, filtered controllers based on flight plan (e.g. origin, destination and alternate airport frequencies).

If you can include all of this I’d happily give up developing VSR further.

I would like to clarify already that this is not our goal or intention with this feature. Navigraph Charts is trying to be a realistic EFB, and it is not the responsibility of an EFB to handle messaging or frequency switching. That is up to the online network and the tools that they and other developers (like you) develop.

If you feel strongly about this, feel free to open a separate topic in this Wishlist category!

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Would this feature display the acurate airspaces for the online controllers or would it just display a circle arround controlled airports like vatspy does?

We’ll try to make them accurate if VATSIM makes that data available to us!

Are there any “broad” timelines on when we may see this feature?

Hi …,


We don’t give timelines generally and in any event not until the feature list is complete and we are in development. Rest assured we are keen to get this to users as soon as we can.



We managed to create one via Discord - when a controller of a specific station becomes active we can push a notification. Same when they go offline

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Where can I get more infos about that?

I’m out of votes, but I wholeheartedly wish for VATSIM integration too. Especially on the ground it would be great to see where the other aircraft are without having to alt-tab between my sim and littlenavmap. If the Navigraph Charts app on my ipad had this, I wouldn’t need any map running on my PC.

Can you allow the abilty to submit a flight plan to vatsim, that would be really handy indeed.

Hello! Good idea - please submit prefiling as a separate topic in the wishlist.

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Navigraph already allow you to do this via their Simbrief application which links onto Navigraph charts :slight_smile: I would love to have VATSIM ATC and traffic integrated into Navigraph charts, this would be amazing.

Navigraph from reading you posts I see that you can’t tell us a release date. Could I ask if you have started to build the feature or not yet? Thanks