Suggestion - IVAO/VATSIM Traffic


It’s only a suggestion, do you think its a useful information have IVAO/VATSIM traffic in Navigraph Charts? That can be useful to have information about the traffic around departure or destination in a unique place, currently we need to open sites or even softwares to check the traffic around.

Hi Pedro,


Thank you for the suggestion which has been mentioned several times . A search on “VATSIM” shows several threads including VATSIM/IVAO Network Integration, Feature suggestion - Show VATSIM controllers on enroute chart, VATSIM traffic.

We shall consider your suggestion for a new Charts version.



Thank you very much. Can’t wait for that feature!

Hello Ian!

I’m sorry, I created a new topic without search properly before about it.

Thanks so much to reply and about the details, we’ll love this feature! :heart: