Show AI Traffic on the map and charts

I have Navigraph on a second monitor and it will be really nice to see AI traffic also on the map and/or charts. Maybe even with flightinfo. Other map utilities made this possible also, but I would only like to use Navigraph


Hi! Thanks for the feedback.

Do you think that this topic would cover your suggestion?

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thanks for your reply. corrwct but also AI from fsltl, aig or fstraffic woul be really nice.

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Thanks for the clarification! In that case, I will change this topic to only cover AI traffic - there is no need for duplicate topics in this voting section!

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The only reason I don’t currently subscribe is the lack of AI traffic (FS Traffic, AIG Traffic, FSLTL) shown on the moving maps in MSFS.
If this is implemented, I’ll subscribe right away. Judging by many other posts in this forum, I’m not the only one waiting. :slightly_smiling_face:

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FSLTL pulls data from FlightRadar. Would it be possible to add a FlightRadar feed into Navigraph desktop?

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FlightRadar is not free. We could investigate it as it would be cool to have a real-world traffic option, but it is very unlikely to land in the first version of this!

I think that best approach is the same as is used in ForeFlight or AirMate apps. I am XPlane user and from this perspective you can show what is fed. It can be live traffic delivered via LiveTraffic plugin - live traffic uploaded in real time from ADSB or OpenSky. From the other hand it can be VATSIM traffic delivered via xPilot plugin.

Tagging onto what @sawiczja said for a bit, traffic/TCAS data for networks such as Vatsim, PilotEdge and IVAO would be very welcome.

I think that should be covered by this feature:

You’re referring to ATC borders in 3D. I mentioned about VATSIM/IVAO or real traffic used in sims.

I don’t think it will. I already talked about this on Discord but wanted to post it on the forums. What Volanta and Vatspy have isn’t anything like TCAS traffic. The data presented on those services is delayed. I think it’s around a minute on Vatspy and maybe even longer on Volanta. What I think this topic is about is adding ADS-B simulation like we have on foreflight Foreflight ADS-B. Something that is relatively up-to-date displaying sim traffic within a certain amount of distance. Whether the traffic is vatsim-injected AI models, FSLTL-injected AI models, or multiplayer it would all show up. And maybe even provide traffic callouts.

Many thanks for the clarification! This makes an AI traffic integration more useful in my eyes, while unfortunately still not easy to implement of course.

Yeah something TCAS-like would be really cool! We want to do something similar for upcoming airspace in the future as well, sounds like they could look quite similar which is always great. Two in one!

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That is great to hear. I am a big fan of the ForeFlight airspace callouts and can’t wait to see something like that added to Navigraph.

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There is a difference between showing VATSIM traffic on a Navigraph chart and showing VATSIM AI traffic from the simulator on a Navigraph chart.
Personally, I would love the latter, i.e. the AI vatsim traffic integration because it would greatly advance the situational awareness while for instance taxiing on ground, or coming in to intercept an ILS.
AI vatsim traffic would be immediate, whereas traffic from the vatsim server would have a natural delay.

@skysail for MSFS2020 (and anything using SimConnect SDK) getting the AI traffic should be doable if you you follow the approach similar to fs2ff (GitHub - astenlund/fs2ff: A utility that connects Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 with ForeFlight, Sky Demon, Garmin Pilot, FlyQ EFB, and probably a few more EFB apps) which does this for ForeFlight, Garmin Pilot and others - it’s available in the SimConnect SDK after all. Another approach is GitHub - laurinius/MSFSTrafficService. You don’t necessarily need to push al AI traffic to your servers, but could instead expose a local server which the Navigraph apps could connect to for optional AI traffic. The communication protocol used between navigraph apps and local server would be up to you. Can be streaming or polling. Of course if you want to stream all this traffic via your servers to each client - that’s also fine :sunglasses:. I think the harder thing is to draw all the traffic in your client apps and make some basic status info available.

I believe only traffic in the relevant vicinity is returned by the SDK (this may be simulator dependent)

My litlle navmap is also showing Ai on the map so it should be possible?