Vatsim integration

Navigraph is a superb piece of flight planning and navigational tool. I do love it. BUT it won’t be complete until there is some sort of Vatsim / IVAO integration. Thank you


I absolutely agree! Integration with manned VATSIM ATC and showing other VATSIM traffic would add tremendous additional value to the Navigraph experience.

If I could see FIR boundaries and current working frequencies on the Navigraph chart, I wouldn’t have to rely on third party maps of VATSIM ATC. The overlay on Navigraph charts would be spectacular!

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Well, actually you CAN see FIR boundaries within Navigraph. But you cannot see working / connected frequencies and most importantly traffic. Hope Navigraph guys takes this as a priority for next upgrade. Cheers

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It would be a BIG step in complexity in the software. Interacting with VATSIM databases can be tricky, and then there are all the ATC airspace definitions.

It would be nice, but I wouldn’t begrudge them not doing it.

I rely on other apps to provide all that.

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Would love to see Vatsim traffic on the moving map. Hope this is in the works. Weather overlay as well.

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I would welcome the addition of operating ATC units displayed within NaviCharts.
When deciding on a flight, operating ATCU’s are my determining factor in both Network choice and route. Aircraft traffic is no factor for me.
Whether Vatsim, IVAO or PilotEdge I want control. At present I have to open an app for each, or get into Volanta or STKP… To combine an overview prior to Simbrief would be a great selling point.

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You guys might be interested in voting for this topic over in the wishlist section!

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Maybe would be very desirable to merge this newly created website very good and very useful, displaying the exact information of ATC areas, also with online traffic.

Something like that, but we’ll do it ourselves when we get to it! It is for sure high up on the priority list, but the list is also long…

I will lock this thread now. For further ideas and feedback, please refer to the thread mentioned above!

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