Simbrief loading problem

Hi to all , from today i cant load simbrief page. It takes eternetyx to main page, but subpages simply arent loading at all


Had the same problem, loading, loading, loading, nothing more happens

I have the same problem. I wasted the whole time in the morning till now trying to solve it. but nothing helps. any ideas why? It also impacts the simbrief loading in the aircraft (e.g. Fenix A320)

I’ve also noticed there was yesterday an update, version 2.14.2:
“Fixed layout bugs in the latest Chromium and Webkit-based browsers.”

Could it be the source of the issue?

I have the same problem

Same for me. Loading but nothing happens.

Now it worked for me from itself…pls confirm.

Hi Team,

SimBrief is working fine for us. It might have been a temporary internet issue.
Please confirm if resolved.


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I have same problem on my iPad2, but no issues on PC. Any idea?

Hi, the SimBrief interface requires iOS version 12.4 or later. The iPad 2 can only run up to iOS 9.3.6, so I suspect it isn’t compatible unfortunately.

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simbrief loading problem for more than two days, it only work if I VPN. now is this country specific or the webhost problem

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Same issue here, the webpage takes very long time to load, prone to server timeout. I also i run a TFDi PACX connected to simbrief, and it is having a difficult time to pull the flight data

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Old thread, same problem. Most days I dread to try and use simbrief as it simply loads and loads and loads forever and ever

Same problem here. It makes me angry, that I read the other day from a forum moderator that he complained the problem at the user side just right away.

It’s not even questioned if the problem exists at the server side. Why? I am with Navigraph since the very beginning of Navigraph and we have been a very tiny community. If there were problems, we helped each other to solve it. But this behaviour now is terrible and kills the fun with flight simming.

Just in case someone of the management read this, please remember where you come from and just be graceful that the company could grow to the actual level. I think it’s time to give something back to the community that helped to let the company grow.

Hope the problem will be solved very soon. Thanks for listening.


Hi. Have here (in Germany) same problems since this weekend.

Same here. Location Germany. Simbrief very slow. Downloader is loading for a very long time (Minutes) . Tried to download the Downloader for re-installation. Downloadrate 26KB / sec


Hi all,

We do take any reports of slowdowns seriously and do a full investigation and troubleshooting when such problems arise.

Unfortunately, it does not appear to be a problem with the server. Why is this unfortunate? Because it means the problem is somewhere outside of our control (possibly within your internet service provider’s network) which makes it much harder to identify and takes longer to fix.

I’ll explain what I think is happening in more detail below for those interested, but in the mean time while we continue to investigate, you can try the following to speed up the website for you:

  • Try generating your flight plans with the “Flight Maps” option set to “None”. This will significantly reduce the amount of data that gets transferred to the SimBrief Downloader, so it should help users who are are getting stuck on the Downloader loading screen.
  • If you have access to a VPN, try enabling it and connecting to a VPN server in a different country. This should cause your requests to be sent via a different route and possibly bypass any faulty networks.

Now for the longer technical explanation:

When your PC downloads something from SimBrief, it sends a request to the SimBrief server. That request travels through thousands of miles of cable, across oceans, and through many routers before finally arriving at the server. The SimBrief server then responds, and the response travels through another few thousand miles to get back to you. All it takes is one problem in that whole sequence of cables and routers to potentially cause an issue like this.

None of this is “visible” to us. We only know when your request arrives at the server, and when we send the response. We don’t know how long it took for your request to get to us, or how long it took for our response to get back to you. I’ve triple checked the server logs again and all of the responses sent from the server to you were completed in fractions of a second, which seems to suggest that the slowdown is occurring somewhere along the way between the server and your PCs.

We have some clues however:

First, it seems like this is quite a localized issue. Over the weekend, > 60,000 users logged on to SimBrief, but there are only a few of you reporting connection issues. In addition, it seems you are all located in the same country and using the same internet service provider.

This would suggest that the slowdown lies somewhere in your ISP’s network perhaps. To be clear, there are countless routes that ISPs can send website traffic (kind of like there are many roads you can take to drive from one city to another), so it’s quite possible that SimBrief is the only website that is slow for you. It might be that SimBrief is the only website you use that is being routed through a particular faulty cable or router.

Please note that I am only saying this to explain the situation, and not to dismiss or brush off the issue. I have some ideas on how we can reduce the likelihood of this happening going forward, but these aren’t quick fixes. The reality is that the issue will probably resolve itself at your ISP before I am able to put in place any of my ideas.

Another thing you can try is to contact your ISP technical support and ask them to investigate the route that they are using to connect to SimBrief. They are much better equipped to diagnose routing issues from their end, and if they start receiving reports of connection problems for a specific website, they are more likely to investigate and potentially find the problem.

Hope this makes sense. And please try the mitigation ideas mentioned above (generating with “Flight Maps” set to “None” and/or using a VPN to connect to SimBrief) and let me know if they help at all! Also let me know if you happen to contact your ISP and get any feedback from them.

I’ll post here if I think of any other ideas in the mean time.



I can confirm. It has been very difficult to work with Simbrief for about a week. Extremely slow.


unfortunately i have the same problem (magenta/Austria)
simbrief website is very slow, simbrief downloader error on connection.
Using VPN it works flawless. Is not a firewall or antivirus problem, I tried different PC`s.

regards, Wolfgang

Hope this makes sense. And please try the mitigation ideas mentioned above (generating with “Flight Maps” set to “None” and/or using a VPN to connect to SimBrief) and let me know if they help at all! Also let me know if you happen to contact your ISP and get any feedback from them.

Good idea. I switched on Norton VPN and FMS Downloader worked fine. VPN off and the response is poor. Good workaround to use VPN for flight planning and download.
It looks like magenta (German Telekom) has this routing problem.
Thanks for the ideas. We will see, if magenta responds to the problem, baesd on past experience I doubt.
Happy flying Manni


can confirm it seems to be a problem with Magenta in Austria.
Got massive problems, but when i connect via mobile hotspot (different provider) everything is fine.
Not really a practical solution though.
Its frustrating, but i understand, there’s not really anything Navigraph/Simbrief can do about that.

Edit: Creating the flighplan without maps only helped in one case of several, for me. At least when creating it without any navdata I can always start the downloader.
I am then able to use it to upload historic weather. Don’t really need the downloader for anything else right now, as I am flying the PMDG 777 currently.

Best regards