Super SLOW loading of Simbrief


looks like that for me (from PC on cabled ethernet, mobile phone on 5G, tablet on 5G) is totally impossible to load and use Simbrief services.
Website, connection of the downloader of the files… all is slow and never ends to load something.
It is going on since all evening.

Any idea what happened?
All the rest (like this forum) is loading lovely and normally.

Took me 11 seconds to load simbrief plan. I too have an ethernet connection.

Hi Team,

You are both in Europe, and so far no other reports. Might be a temporary server or traffic issue.

Please restart computer and confirm still an issue.


Ian, apologies for the misinterpretation of my comment - I was very happy with the response time of loading the simbrief plan! Perhaps a better choice of words on my part next time :grinning:

still very slow today



Unable to reproduce here:


Can you try accessing it from your phone or some other device ideally on some other network?


Hi Stephen i don’t have another device unfortunately, pinging other sites seem to be fine. I’ll try again later. Thanks


clearing cookies and logging in again seems to have helped. cheers

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Dear Simbrief team

Located in France l have the same issue , cannot load the downloader , blocked at the authenticating phase, this issue is persistent for the past few weeks!

See the snapshot attached

Hi, at this step it should open a browser window for you to log in to the SimBrief website.

If it does not, try clicking the URL (blue text in your image). If even that doesn’t work, click “Copy Link”, open a new browser window, then paste that link into the web address.

Best regards,