Simbrief downloader not starting

ever since yesterday, my simbrief downloader will not start. is keeps doing the cycle wheel and than says unable to connect. i even logged out and logged back in. is anyone else suffering from this. is navigraph/simbrief updating their app which is causing this. like i said i did not change or add anything.

edit: this started yesterday after i updated windows definitions which were KB2267602 versions 1.403.3364.0 1.403.3375.0 1.403.3397.0


SimBrief is running fine.

Maybe you could try restoring to a Windows restore point before the update?


Hello, i have the same problem since some days. SimBrief Downloader is unable to connect but if i plan a flight and jump into the fenix320 it can download it ingame so my internet is not the problem here. I also reinstalled the downloader but still doesnt work.
Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

V 1.7.0(23240) Hello, it’s been the same for me since 2 days. After a long wait, during which the rotating wheel and the display “Loading” and then sometimes “Waiting” appear, the option to export the files appears. But this sometimes takes up to 5 minutes Greetings Stefan

Hi, please see my response here for some possible solutions and explanation on what might be happening: Simbrief loading problem - #16 by SimBrief


thanks for the quick Reaktion :slight_smile:
For me its not a slow loading issue, for me it isnt starting at all :confused:

greetings Dom