Multiple addon sceneries, priorities and the "double runway" effect

If I dont edit it, I have that (after doing all the steps you posted)

You wrote this … “had to manually set Navigraphs priority” … therefore!

Please can you upload your complete content.xml file …
Thank you

I meant that in the ‘‘content.xml’’ I had to change to position of ‘‘navigraph.navdata’’ to the bottom of the list to make it ‘‘works’’

Content.xml (10.6 KB)

Thanks for the file … it looks perfect. Sorry, I have misunderstood you …

I will recall my answer:
The sceneries doesn´t containt the “DeleteAirport” element from the FAQ. So, when able, please can you forward someone these information. The issue is, that when they don´t use this element in their scenery you have this double scenery effect …

I have tested the CYPX …

So, they should add this please and should try it again:


Please let me know, about the results :wink:
Thank you,

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I dont know squat about making a scenery.

I guess there is a specific place where he have to write all that?

Yes, the guys know where … it can also be done directly in their SDK project. When you forward this information, I´m sure, they know what is to do … :wink:

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Sorry, but you’re making this very easy for yourself. Why can’t airports be hidden in your data?
I have built Rostock and Strausberg. Both do not exist in MSFS and therefore there is no “Delete Airport” for a stock airport.

Regards Simmershome

We try to help, when this is not welcome, no problem for me because all of this analyzes and testings are extremely time-consuming and I do nothing for myself - we do it for the community.

When you don´t add these “DeleteAirport” and someone else creates also the same airport you have the “double scenery” view. That´s exactly the case here.

We “create” these missing airport in the navdata-cycle (only the runway, nav points and procedures). Our package is very low and we disable the stock data completely. All addon-sceneries are higher in the priority as our data but when you don´t add these “DeleteAirport” you see the runways from our package and also from your package.


Richard, sorry, I know how to do that. But I work for the community for free with over 100 addons. You can’t expect the addon developers to do the work for you and correct their addons afterwards. My Airport already existed when there was no nav data.

Your addon should simply give you the option to turn off Airport.



Richard, sorry, I know how to do that. But I work for the community for free with over 100 addons in all Simulators. P3D , XP, MSFS: You can’t expect the addon developers to do the work for you and correct their addons afterwards. My Airport already existed when there was no navdata.
Your addon should simply give you the option to turn off Airports.
The error of the double runway is caused by your addon.
In my addons all procedures are included and all is correct. I can do in future this for Airports wich exist in MSFS , but not for such wich non exist.

Rainer, it´s only a recommendation you don´t need to add this “DeleteAirport” and again, that has nothing to do with us or if we offer such on/off option. When someone create the same airport - this addon designer runs into the same issue when your sceneries are still installed in the sim (with our package installed or not).


I will not do that at the moment, because also from OrbX it is a cheek that they have not developed a tool in all the years to turn off their ADE , object files, and the user has to do it himself via hand all over Germany and elsewhere if he has correct addon airports. It does not work like that. You can’t come along as professional developers and always let the others do it.
No offense, but I only fix bugs that I cause.
And yes it annoys me how easy the professionals make it for themselves.

And that annoys me enormously, because you won’t be able to tell me anything about design. Not all users have navdata from you and not all buy them in perspective. So I build in airports, which do not exist in the MSFS stock, very well Approches and all Navdata. Everything else would be bad. Of course I don’t do that if there is a stock airport. And there is also “Delete Airports” in it. Only ETNL and EDAY do not exist in the stock and I have already developed there when nothing was heard from you in MSFS.

Following initial position:
Default sim, no mods, no navdata installed only your wonderful ETNL scenery with the basic environment.

Now, I have found another ETNL scenery from another designer, the pictures are great and I will give the scenery also a try to see, if it is better (I know, can´t be - but anyways).

Downloading, installing and start the sim

Oh no, what happens here … double runways? Double markings … why?

Hmmmm … ah, nobody use the “DeleteAirport” and therefore, some elements are overlapping … but who was the first designer of this scenery? And how can be fix it? Ok, deleting the one ETNL scenery from my community folder and all is good. User is happy …

A few weeks later, a new MSFS patch comes out which includes a few missing european airports (like for a few weeks specially in the Alaska region). Great, start the sim goto ETNL my homebase and … oh no, again … double runways, double markings, … what happened now? I have only installed the wonderful ETNL scenery from simmershome.

After hours, of hours readíng forums, postings, … I gave up. No solution because I can´t delete the default ETNL and the scenery designer from simmershome won´t fix it - he won´t do the work for others. So, what now? Frustrated, I delete the ETNL addon scenery …

… do you understand NOW, that this has nothing to do with any service from our side? Install the other scenery and you will see the result. You don´t need ANY navdata update - use the default sim and then you can decide, if you want to help the community or not …


So Richard, I am not stubborn.
What you are proposing does not work and, in my opinion, cannot work. I thought it right away. “To Delete” works as in FSX and P3D too, ONLY on the suppression of stock airports, but not on duplicate sceneries in the community folder. It doesn’t matter if that’s in there. It is still duplicate

With “To Delete” EDAY

So, you won’t be able to do it that way. I don’t think that my users delete the sceneries because of the nav data and use a runway only

Allright, I have no problem with your opinion. I accept it.


PS: ah sorry, what I have not wrote there are some really, really great addon sceneries like EDDS, LFTM, RPUO, EKVG, … where this works perfect.

It will not work anywhere Richard. Not with “to Delete” and not without either.
In the other simulators this is solved by priority. But unfortunately, the great MSFS does not know this.

I don’t know, but I think it works there because there are stock airports. But there are none for ETNL and EDAY. In my just released EDOP Schwerin- Parchim it also works. There is also a stock airport available.
I’m sorry, but the solution to simply floodplain runways somewhere is suboptimal, even if I can understand you.

But ok, I have no problem.

No one of these examples are in the stock data. Also, it looks that you´re not in the 3rd Party developer forum because here I have asked exactly the question if the “delete runway” is working or not and here a part of the answer from an ASOBO developer:

So, you´re the only one, where this is not working … but as you said, we also have no problem with it. We can only inform our customer, when this is “Delete”-statement is missing …