Duplicated Runway Issue Inquiry

I saw fixes for custom airports with overlapping runways here in the forum. Just would like to know if the “priority” fix you guys are going to do will apply in Rev 4 on all airports or do we have to report all airports that has that issue?


we can´t really fix it … our package is set on the lowest position in the scenery order since a few revisions. The main point is, that most of the addon-scenery-developer hasn´t set the “DeleteAirport” tag with the “DeleteAllRunways” attribute, which means that all underlying data will be overwritten.

We can´t handle this, we only can set our package on a lower position but this tag “DeleteAirport” must be set, when not you see the double runways. Have you an example, then we can try to find out if this is set or not?


Thank you for the fast reply.

I already checked all deleteAllxxxx(including deleteAllRunways=“TRUE”) tags and still get the overlapping runways.

Hi again,
just to inform all here - we had a short conversation about your scenery (RPUO), the area looks amazing :slight_smile:

You have done all right. The “DeleteAirport” attributes are set correctly, but the order in the content.xml file was wrong. Your scenery package was above our package, which show you the double runways.

There are two very important steps:

  1. that you use the latest “Navigraph Navdata client” (at least beta 16 or above)
  2. that you remove and install the dataset because only due this flow, you can be sure, that our package is high enough to overwrite the default data, but low enough that addon sceneries can overwrite our data

Hope that helps!

I have the same problem with newly added airport UWSG.
The “DeleteAirport” attributes are set correctly.
Can you please specify what is the order to be set in the content.xml?
And what content.xml you are meaning? Path?
Thanks in advance.

there is only one content.xml file :slight_smile:

Depending on your installatio, you find it here:
Sim via Marketplace: %localappdata%\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache
Sim via Steam: %appdata%\C:\Users<username>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator

Recommanded solution:

  • start our “Navigraph-Navdata client”
  • check if you have installed the latest beta (currently beta 19)
  • remove the AIRAC cycle and install it again

The issue is the order in this file. The priority in this file is: first line lowest, last line highest - means the higher packages overwrite the lower ones. So, when your package is above our “navigraph-navdata” package, you see double runways. That means, your package must be below/after the “navigraph-navdata” package.

Our client added our package directly under “fs-base-nav”, so high enough to overwrite the default sim data but low enough, when you add any addon-scenery.

Hope that helps - but do all of this only with our client (currently beta 19).
Thank you,

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Thank you very much for quick reply!

Hi Richard,

Thank you for the help but I noticed it only worked the first time I loaded the changes I did in the Content.xml file.

You were right that my custom airport folder was above the Navigraph folder so I made some changes. After saving, I loaded up the sim and the duplicated airport runway was gone. I was happy. I did some test flights and I even changed aircrafts from the Main Menu. Then later closed the sim.

I loaded the sim again and the problem is back. I checked the Content.xml and there are no changes in the sequence.

Not sure if you’ve seen my reply. Just giving this a bump.

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