LLER not stock airport, duplicated runway

Hi, I’m working on LLER airport and I get duplicated runway problem after I heard from some testers that there is a problem with duplicated lights. before I start the work on the scenery I disabled all my addons include navigraph, but after I start getting feedback about the problem I quickly found out that navigraph data cussing it, I set everything correctly in the airport delete section and nothing helped and then I turn to google and found the post about duplicated runways in MPTO, the problem is the same, LLER is not a stock airport so you added the runway inside the community navdata folder, how can be done to solve this problem?

any chance that we can check the scenery? Is it freeware or payware. Can we download it somewhere?

Normally, the priorization is wrong when all set correctly in the project but to answer this, I would try to test it first.

So, where can I download the scenery (you can also send me a PM, when you don’t want the share a public link).

I have tested a LLER scenery from flightsim.to and have set the correct priority - no double runways nor lights:

Thank you

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Hi, thank you for the replay, the scenery will be payware, it’s based on the objects of the freeware scenery on flightsim.to (as I was the create of the objects of the freeware scenery, orignly the scenery was made for P3D and converted to MSFS by a colleague), I’m new here on your forum and can’t figer out how to send you the link via PM

thank you

well, after digging more into it I found out when I placing the scenery into the community folder it will be override by navigraph, so If i remove navigraphe and Install it again the scenery will be prioritize above navigraph and there is no duplicated runways. I hoped that I can publish my scenery with no problems out of the box but removing and installing again the navdata is not a big deal for an average user I hope

… but you loose all terminal procedures, when you remove our navdata.

Again, is it possible to download your scenery in any way to test it because I’m pretty sure, it’s only a priority issue and you can use your scenery without removing anything.

I would NOT remove the navdata - this is the wrong way/solution. And as I have shown you with the freeware scenery, it works also without removing our data. In my eyes when it works with freeware, it should also work with payware products.


Thank you, I will be happy to send you the link for the scenery but I can’t find where should I sending a PM

You can click on the profile (avatar) and then “Message” … that should work.


I think this option does not existing for me


Ah sorry, I have send you a PM :slight_smile:


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Hi again,
I have tested the scenery and I can´t see any double runways nor lights, when the scenery will be loaded in the correct order.

Day (only the runway):

Night (only the runway):

… and here my content.xml file after using the MSFS in-game pre-order tool.
<Package name="navigraph-navdata-base" priority="1" />
<Package name="mycompany-scenery-simple" priority="2" />
<Package name="navigraph-navdata" priority="3" />

The 3rd party scenery should be always BELOW navigraph-navdata-base package and ABOVE the navigraph-navdata package. When the 3rd party scenery set the correct flags (and in this case, you have set all correctly) then our runway (scenery for LLER) will be overwritten correctly with yours.

Hope that helps,

thank you Richard
I noticed too that now the scenery loads correctly on my side, will run more test soon, hope that this problem will not return

Great, thanks for the feedback … as long as ASOBO uses the ordering in this way, it will work in the future too :wink:


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