My users are having a problem with my RPUO Basco Airport Scenery

Hi Navigraph, I would like to report on behalf of my addon users that they’re experiencing a problem with my airport addon. Double runways. And I can see in the picture it also causes a terrain error.

thanks for your report - is there a place, where we can download the scenery for testing?

Thank you,

PS: please let your users know, that they should report such issue directly here - thank you

Hi Sir Richard,
you can download my addon here in Mediafire for Testing


thank you, your scenery looks good - no double runways or similar else. So it´s not a scenery issue - it´s more an issue on the user-end.

Here a screenshot (photo geometry is off in my case) with our latest AIRAC 2204 rev. 2 installed:

No double runways … all look good. So, no scenery issue … :wink:
You´re safe :slight_smile:


Thank you sir Richard. CHEERS

I have found the root cause of the problem.

It appears to be that the context.xml is causing the problem. Numerous duplicated strands of RPUO is in the xml file. What I did is I remove all RPUO related strands and restarted MSFS. After that, no more double runways is appearing on my addon.

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Be so kind and don´t use a pirate copy of our data - subscribe to our service please - as you see, we try to find a solution for everything but it´s not fair and also not legal to use our data from any other free source.

Please see this as a friendly warning …


I wasn’t using your product sir. Original or Pirated. I’m just helping a user of my addon who is probably a subscriber of your product. But I sure will do take a note of your friendly warning sir. Thank you.


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