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Hello, I’m a scenery developer, and I have a lot of complaints these days. Everyone who buys my SBJH sets, through the marketplace or elsewhere, is getting duplicate tracks. I already opened a ticket to dev support but I didn’t get a response. Can you please resolve this somehow?

when you bought a scenery via the in-game MarketPlace, we can´t do anything because such sceneries can´t be prioritized and therefore you can define what package will be loaded when in which order. That´s an MarketPlace “feature” and we have reported this since SU10 but no luck …

You wrote “elsewhere” … this should work but to be 100% sure, is it possible to get a copy from this scenery or at least, where I can buy it - from which webstore.

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Hi again,
I have bought the Geardown SBJH from SimMarket now and it works as expected - no double runways:

As I have written before since SU10 the package-loading order was changed and you must set 3rd party sceneries manually. That has nothing todo with us, thats the new logic since SU10. Normally, no package will be added automatically (as in the past).

So you must add the the package to your content.xml file, like in the following example:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
  <Package name="fs-base-nav" priority="1"/>
  <Package name="navigraph-navdata-base" priority="2"/>
  <Package name="geardownsimulations-sbjh-airport" priority="3"/>  
  <Package name="navigraph-navdata" priority="4"/>

That means, the navigraph-navdata-base will be loaded before the geardownsimulations-sbjh-airport. In the navigraph-navdata-base package are the runways, so this package must always be loaded before all other 3rd party scenery packages. The navigraph-navdata package contains “only” the terminal procedures and a few other things but no runways, therefore this package should be loaded ALWAYS at last.

The loading order from the packages goes from prio 1 to prio X. 1 will be loaded first, X will be loaded at last.

Again, this system works ONLY with sceneries which are bought from any webshop outside of the MSFS, not via the MSFS MarketPlace. Only with this 3rd party sceneries, you have the possibility to change to loading order. MSFS MarketPlace sceneries will be automatically loaded BEFORE any other 3rd party package in the community folder will be loaded - so no chance to overrule such sceneries, sorry.

Therefore it´s highly recommended to buy sceneries NOT via the MSFS MarketPlace to be more flexible and to avoid such issues. But that´s not a navdata issue, it´s a “feature” from the sim itself.

But as you see, with none MarketPlace sceneries its working … also with the Geardown SBJH scenery.
Hope that helps

But I’m the developer. We need a solution for this. What I would recommend would be to exclude SBJH from the Navigraph so that it can be used.

I can’t just tell my customers, I didn’t buy the addon on the marketplace, buy it elsewhere. It’s easier for me to tell them, don’t use the Navigraph, use the simulator’s default data. I believe that we can together find a viable solution for both.

The problem here is, what do we do with all the user which are not using 3rd party sceneries? You plan a flight from A-B and A or B is missing in the data than …

Again, that´s not what we have in the hand … before SU10 you had the possibility to order the package for the Marketplace addons (or at the least the loading logic was a different) too but since SU10 ASOBO/MS has removed this possibility.

We had reported this in September 2022 in the MSFS Developer forum and when you read the answer from ASOBO you see that this is a MSFS “feature”. Here our original posting in the MSFS dev forum:

When you look on Darwikey´s (ASOBO) answer, you find following “rule”:

That means, that all packages in the Official folder will be loaded automatically BEFORE the packages in the Community-folder. All Marketplace products will be automatically stored in the Official folder, and you have no possibility from any external point to prioritize the loading order.

It´s very simple to test this scenario:
Move your scenery from the Official folder to the Community folder and add this package to your content.xml file in the order, what I have posted before. After that start the sim and you will IMMEDIATELY see the result - no double runways. So, it´s not a scenery issue, it´s not a navdata issue … it´s simple the logic how the sim loades the packages since SU10.


It´s up to you … the point is only, that there are no default data in the sim because this airport is not included in the stock scenery of the MSFS. Also, not to use Navigraph means, not only to loose the terminal procedures for SBJH, it also means to loose the complete real worldwide database from Jeppesen and that´s only because the changed internal logic (since SU10) in the MSFS from ASOBO/MS.

Again, this is not a navdata issue, nor a scenery issue … it´s simply their new logic to load the packages. See the posting before.

So in my eyes you have only two options:

  1. when you buy the scenery via the MarketPlace, move it from the Official folder to the Community folder and add the scenery in your content.xml file.
  2. or buy the scenery from any external webshop and not from the MarketPlace

These are the two options - you don´t have more till ASOBO/MS change this loading rule, and include also the addons bought from the MarketPlace.


Since the loading is in alphabetical order. Because Navigraph does not change the name of the folder in a way that the loading is correct. Example aa-navdata or zz-navdata?

Please read my posting again …

It doesn´t make any different if you rename our folder or not because all packages in the Official folder will be loaded FIRST - automatically, you have no influence on it. After that, all packages in the Community folder will be loaded - independent if you have renamed it or not. This “renaming” of packages in the Community folder are useless because you can prioritize it via the content.xml file, as I have posted before.

The problem is, that all packages in the Community folder "overrule possible loaded packages before from the Official folder.

  1. sim loads ALL packages from Official folder, where your SBJH scenery is located
  2. sim loads ALL packages from Community folder, where the navdata-packages are located

So, #2 overrule/merge #1 because it will be loaded after … and you have no option to avoid this. In the past (before SU10) all packages (from the Official and Community folder) where added in this content.xml file automatically and you had the possibility to say, which packages will be loaded when, and which package will “overrule/merge” other packages. But since SU10 this is not possible any longer.

All packages from the Official folder will be loaded automatically via the sim logic.

You can ONLY re-order/re-prioritize all packages from the Community folder.

I invite you again to test this:
Try to move the Marketplace SBJH from the Official folder to the Community folder, add the SBJH package in the conent.xml file and you will see that all is good.

No double runways because of two reasons:

  1. your SBJH package will be loaded from the Community folder
  2. and due the entry in the content.xml file the SBJH package will be loaded AFTER the navigraph-navdata-base package (which includes the SBJH airport from us and which produce the additional runways) - so your SBJH package “overrule” our base-package and therefore it works
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
  <Package name="fs-base-nav" priority="1"/>
  <Package name="navigraph-navdata-base" priority="2"/>
  <Package name="geardownsimulations-sbjh-airport" priority="3"/>  
  <Package name="navigraph-navdata" priority="4"/>

And this isn´t possible with Marketplace addons because the content.xml file looks since SU10 only in the Community folder, so you can do this only with folder from the Community folder.


@NAVData I found a post that you solved this in Kai Tak on the Airac 2211 v2. How was it resolved? Can’t you do the same in SBJH?

Yes, I will do the same, when SBJH is included as default in the MSFS - so that everyone, also without a 3rd party scenery, can use it.

That was exactly the case for VHHX - ASOBO/MS added VHHX as stock scenery with SU11 and therefore it is no longer necessary to offer runways for the VHHX - only the terminal procedures.


Isn’t there a possibility to make a runway transparent, or with negative priority or something simpler? The volume of complaints is high, which can lower our Marketplace score and disrupt an entire 18-month project that is the case in this scenery!

Or to create something downloadable as an add-on that solves the problem.

Sorry, but again this is not an issue from our side - as I have tried to explain, it´s the result of the logical change from ASOBO/MS. We have no influence on this … we try to help where we can and we try everything what we can but in this case, we have no chance to change it.

Therefore I see only following solutions:

  1. manual move the MarketPlace scenery from the official- to the community folder and to add it in the content.xml file
  2. or to buy the scenery from any webshop outside the MSFS (our recommendation to avoid possible more issues in the future - because we don´t know, what limits will be set from ASOBO/MS in future updates)
  3. or don´t install our AIRAC cycles but then you lost the terminal procedures also (not only for the 3rd party scenery, for the whole world)

As I have written and shown you before, we have reported this to ASOBO/MS in September last year but nothing.


Hi Richard,

You keep repeating the use of Content.xml, but this has been decommissioned since SU10. You can now use the in-game Package Reorder tool via the experimental tab in the main menu.

You can then place the 3rd party airport under the base package:

Close the window, click “Apply and save” and the change is persistent.

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