In game panel update

This is great news, many thanks for adressering this so quickly!

Great news and great teamwork, glad you listened, we are alot who appreciate your great work👍

Seems like a very good reason to keep the subscription.


Awesome news! Can’t wait!

The route I build on the desktop is all there, but once i go in sim, it shows where i’m at but not the route. What did i miss?



Please see Magnus’s post 5 above this.


Thank you again Navigraph Team! I’m still new to this awesome navigation tool and still learning. All I know is that I’ve been having a great time using Navigraph ever since I started my subscription! Keep up the awesome work!

I could have swore that the route I made in the desktop app transfered to the app in sim… I had to uninstall msfs and move it to a bigger drive and it quite working when re-downloaded everything


Thanks for the update and kudos to the team for bringing this around so quickly.

Wonderful news! Can not wait to be able to fly vr and navigraph chart 8 simultaneously. I for one, thank you all for making my subscription to navigraph so worth it. Great job!

great work Navigraph, very rare these days for a company to action feedback from its customers

After reading some of the latest comments in here (mine included I suppose :slight_smile: ), I’m a bit confused whether this new update has already been released?

I just opened Navigraph Navdata Center and the In-Game Panel is v1.3. Which AFAIK is not this new version bringing the latest functionality into MSFS, correct?


Not yet, we are in final testing.

Please see In game panel update - #102 by maxholt


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Thanks Ian!

It was primarily this comment which made me think maybe I missed something.

Hi guys,

For those who are up for some beta testing - please see this post!




I just came in as a last resort before stopping subscription, great news to have this beta. Count on me for ingame panel with VFR in VR. Thanks!