Charts 8 In-Game Panel Released

Charts 8 In-Game Panel Released - please remove Charts Beta and download new release using Navigraph Navdata Center

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Hi, with the latest update, is there a way to export into the current flight plan as there was previously in the in panel version. I fly the F18 a lot and really appreciated modifying the route inflight (updated STAR or diversion) the same as I have done in my several thousands of hours in real flying. Also on the new version, I cannot see the folder where the exported files have been placed. Many thanks.

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We are investigating.


How do you update a flight plan and upload to the aircraft with the new in-game panel? It used to work in the old version, but now the option doesn’t appear. Also, when I select export, the flight plan goes nowhere.

Same issue. Please bring bring back the export to msfs current flight.

Where is the option to export you flight plan to msfs as active flight plan ?