Charts 8 In-Game Panel Beta Testing


We have now started beta testing the new in-game panel version of Charts 8! Everyone with an Unlimited subscription and Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020, PC version) is invited to test.

The new in-game panel version of Charts 8 has the basic feature set of Charts 8, including VFR map, zoom to airport level, automatic pinning of charts, airport METAR/TAF and runway winds. Due to technical limitations in the browser environment provided by the simulator, there are some notable differences though, which we will not be able to work around:

  • There are no map filters, meaning there is no way to turn certain elements in the map on or off
  • No globe projection
  • No way to rotate the map, and hence no track-up moving maps

With that said, please try the new app! Read the rest of this post to get started.

Getting Started


Navigraph Charts In-Game Panel ZIP archive


Unzip the contents of the ZIP package into your community folder. There should be one folder named navigraph-ingamepanels-charts-beta (without any addition subfolder with the same name). If successful you will see this in the MSFS Content Manager:

Launch the In-Game Panel via the toolbar, press the Navigraph icon (the 2nd one, if you also have the old In-Game Panel installed):

Pro tip! Toggle the panel visibility on/off by pressing Ctrl+N on your keyboard.

Reporting issues

Please report any issues or observations in this forum category: Charts In-Game Panel Beta Testing - Navigraph (one post per issue, please!)


As we are squishing bugs and adding new features we will maintain a changelog here. Make a habit of checking the changelog to see what’s been added and resolved since the last time you used the beta version of Charts In-Game Panel.

Latest version

v8.1 (5 December 2022)

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Improved loading of route from simulator

Known issues (will be resolved in subsequent releases)

  • Missing drag-n-drop route editing

Version history

v8.0 (30 November 2022)

  • Initial release

What about the existing navigraph-ingamepanels-charts folder, should that one still remain in the Community folder or should I use Navigraph Navdata Center first to uninstall it?


It can stay. As written above:

So if you keep it you will have two Navigraph icons, the beta is the 2nd one.



Sorry, was too quick downloading without properly reading that part of the first post.

Sorry about that.

As a follow up, I guess this means the new one is not dependent on the original one? Meaning it can be uninstalled?

Correct, they are independent. They can exist individually or side by side. After the beta is finished, the original one will receive an update in the NNC (if it is still installed), and at that time the -beta folder can be removed.

But if you don’t use the old one, just remove it via Navdata Center or manually.



Brilliant, thanks Stephen :+1:

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Got the panel up and working in MSFS but when directed to a browser to sign in I get this error message:

The client is not enabled for public use

error-id: 6e71bc35-9b55-4fc8-b71d-13e6070abb69

Also tried logging in with the QR code and the code given in the in-game panel but same issue although a different error code.


Please try signing in again now. There was a potential configuration issue.



Thanks for the quick reply Stephen. Logged in fine now and had a quick play with it. Looks great! Looking forward to a full VFR flight tomorrow. One very happy customer here :smiling_face:


Just had my first look. I know it’s early yet but I must say this is what I’ve been waiting for. A true VFR experience.

  1. It does not open up to my aircrafts location.
  2. It does not follow me

I am really excited about flying again!



Press the white arrow on the upper left side of the map to enable follow mode.


This is a beautiful update. Works sweet in pancake as well as VR mode. Was checking out Charts 8 in sim for the first time today, and came across the shortcoming in the initial release and then this fix. Amazing work devs, what a great community!


Very excited to try this and very pleased it didn’t take too long to work something out for MSFS VR users. It all seems to work for me so far. The filtering of some type would be a nice to have, but I’m ok with it.

With the A310 and a heavy airport it seems like opening/closing a chart gives/takes about 4 fps on my i9/32GB/3080ti system, but I need to investigate some more as I’ve got a lot of things open. Will do a test flight tomorrow with the 738, which is lighter on frames.

Congrats on getting this out, it looks really promising.

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works great! Already in love with the new panel!
a questions, will you update Charts Cloud also?
It would be cool, so aircraft’s tablet could use it also!


Which tablet is that? Is it some third party tablet or something included with the aircraft (which aircraft)?



it comes with the heli, its Hype Performance Group’s H145. it works like avitab on XPL, after Navigraph qr code authentication it loads Charts Cloud.

Very excited about this. Will be testing further over the coming days but one initial thought/suggestion. When I decrease the size of the panel to enable me to use whilst taxying at a large airport, it would be helpful if the screen could be cleared of extraneous information, ie the route bar across the top and the left hand item select column. This would give a greater view of the airport layout. Not a deal breaker but would be appreciated.

The panel says ‘What’s new in Navigraph Charts’, with a list of features, but no way of getting beyond that.

Could you provide a screenshot please?