MSFS in game with version 8

I updated my desktop to version 8 and it works. When I go into MSFS I logged out and back in. Used the QR code but I’m still in the old version?


If you are talking about the in-game panel not being version 8, I’m sorry to tell you that that is still on version 7, and by the looks of it will stay that way for a long time…

See her for details:

After waiting all this time for VFR charts we’re now being told the update isn’t compatible with MSFS? This definitely falls under the category of… you’ve got to be kidding me. What is the point of the update if it can’t be used in the sim??? Unbelievable.

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This product was and is a completely independent product. Independent means it’s not sim version related.

What you mean is the in-game-panel which was not a part of this new version due the technical limits at the moment.


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An independent product meaning it has no value in game at all? You folks did not even include an option to keep the window on top. As soon as I click the focus back into MSFS the desktop app goes away. What value is that when VFR charts are one of the main selling points for version 8? I must run v8 on a tablet or another monitor if I want to use it while I fly, and if I play VR I am just completely out of luck. I’m sorry but I just don’t understand the value of this update.

This is what it needs, an easy way to keep the screen open when using with MSFS.


There is already a thread for this topic. Please continue in In game panel update - #53 by stephen